Rushdie's life in danger? al-Qaeda wants to 'kill' author

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Salman Rushdie
New Delhi, March 2: It seems there is no end to trauma of Indian-origin British author Salman Rushdie. After remaining in hiding for several years, after a fatwa was issued against Rushdie by Iran's late leader Ayotollah Khomeini in 1989, the author now is facing death threats from terrorist organisation al-Qaeda.

Rushdie's name figure in the 'most-wanted list of Islam critics to kill' released by Al-Qaeda in the new issue of its English online magazine.

The "outrageous" article appears in the Inspire magazine and reads 'Wanted: Dead or alive for crimes against Islam.'

Since the time of publication of his controversial book "Satanic Verses", Rushdie is facing flak from several Muslim groups. Even recently, Rushdie was not allowed to enter Kolkata to attend a book festival, as Muslim groups protested against his visit, saying he is anti-Islam.

According to the Sun, the magazine also lists American pastor Terry Jones, who burned the Koran on a 9/11 anniversary, among its targets.

Alongside the images is the slogan: "Yes we can. A bullet a day keeps the infidel away."

The list includes Molly Norris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Flemming Rose, Morris Swadiq, Salman Rushdie, Girt Wilders [sic], Lars Vilks, Stephane Charbonnie, Carsten Luste, Terry Jones, and Kurt Westergaard.

The article also states: "Defend Prophet Muhammad. Peace be upon him."

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