Mother Teresa anything but a saint: Study

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Mother Teresa
London, March 2: In what could be one of the most controversial research works, 3 researchers from the University of Montreal and University of Ottawa have described Mother Teresa as 'anything but a saint'. In the paper which is likely to be published at the end of March, the researchers state a number of problems which have not been looked into by the Vatican in the 'beautification process of Mother Teresa'.

Aspects such "her rather dubious way of caring for the sick, her questionable political contacts, her suspicious management of the enormous sums of money she received, and her overly dogmatic views regarding, in particular, abortion, contraception, and divorce" have not been taken into account it states.

The paper has been written by Serge Larivée, Genevieve Chenard and Carole Sénéchal. "While looking for documentation on the phenomenon of altruism for a seminar on ethics, one of us stumbled upon the life and work of one of Catholic Church's most celebrated women and now part of our collective imagination-Mother Teresa-whose real name was Agnes Gonxha. The description was so ecstatic that it piqued our curiosity and pushed us to research further," Professor Larivée, who led the research was quoted saying.

The paper also raises issues regarding her 'questionable politics and shadowy accounting'. According to the researchers, she was miserly with the foundation's millions when it came to human suffering. Although she offered prayers and was generous with that, monetarily she was stingy. Even on her visits to India she offered prayers however not a helping hand, financially.

Even so,  they credit Mother Teresa's popularity to the media calling her the 'saint of the media.'

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