How Union Budget 2013-14 becomes a joke on Twitter

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Union Budget 2013-14
Bangalore, Feb 28: Union Finance Minister P Chidamabaram presented Budget 2013-14 on Thursday, Feb 28. While there were no changes in the personal income tax slab, the budget included 42,800 persons in the country who admitted to a taxable income exceeding Rs 1 crore per year.

While presenting his 8th Union Budget, the finance minister emphasised on the need for 'inclusive growth'. According to Chidambaram, the budget will focus on higher growth and financial inclusion.

However, Chidambaram seems to have failed to impress many. Tweeple have been seen making fun over the budget while commenting on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

Here are some instances which will show how some made fun out of Union Budget 2013-14:

Pritish Nandy ‏@PritishNandy: Wonderful. We cant stop rapes, crimes against women. But we want to open a bank for women. As if women cant use normal banks! #Budget2013

Neo ‏@siyamirshad: Killer Blow that was :( "@timesofindia: #Budget2013 cigars and cigarettes to get more expensive, SED on cigarettes hiked by 18%"

Everybody ‏@BeingHundustani: Dear #Chidambaram #Budget2013 is totally hopeless for salaried persons like me... :(

Blunder Guy ‏@blunder_guy: Kids, don't you dare ask your dad to buy you a toy or a happy meal tonight. #Budget2013

Lopamudra Roy ‏@lroyc: #Budget2013 has brought out quite a mixed reaction...will it curb eating out with AC restaurants to increase charges?? :)

Kya aap karodpati hai? Nahin ji, main to sirf lakhpati hoon. Impact of #Budget2013

Vikram Karve ‏@vikramkarve: #Budget2013 Why did #Chidambaram spare Liquor - Booze needs to be taxed the most RT @NameFieldmt: Cigarette SUV Mobile Phone #Tax Hike Fair

Jayadev Shastri ‏@jdshastri26: Talk is expensive -except when Congress does it #Budget2013

Shiv Aroor ‏@ShivAroor: Taxes same: Zzz. More expenditure: Zzz. SUVs costlier: Zzz. Home Loans cheaper: Zzz. Cigarette prices up 18%: WHAAAAAATTT?!!!!!! #Budget2013

Swadeshi Vichar ‏@venky6666: #Budget2013 No wonder Indian industry is crying/weeping in the name of Allah/Islam/Jihad/Jesus/Judas/Mohammed/Mary Magdelene & Secularism!

Ash Dubey ‏@ash_dubey: ROFL RT @jdshastri26: At least someone is relaxed during the #Budget2013 lol #MMS Silencer-e-Punjab.

Don Key ‏@Donkeyji: #Chidambaram should have introduced Hang the rapist fund instead of Nirbhaya Fund. #Budget2013

Kiran Kumar S ‏@KiranKS: #Budget2013: I am not surprised to hear about women's banking. After all we have watched a woman use the nation as her personal bank :)

rati parker ‏@ratigirl: OK Arnab #Budget2013 done. Nation wants to know about FIR in #ChopperScam #thefamily

shilpi tewari ‏@shilpitewari: Flipped thru channels. some like the budget some dont but there is one consensus - doubt over action, implementation and result #Budget2013

Priti Gandhi ‏@MrsGandhi: Anything worthwhile for the farmers in #Budget2013 or are they going to be asked to continue to commit suicide?!! #TheekHai

Reviewer ‏@india_review: Let me know when women bank is launched so I can deposit women in it #Budget2013

Anand Halve ‏@anandhalve: #Budget2013 Exactly like an AGM: chamchas praise promoter, some shareholders cry, the rest look at the tiny dividend, eat samosas & go home

Avinash Bhat ‏@avinashbhat01: Chidambaram declared 1000 crore for skill development of youth. I bet 100 crore social media budget comes frm ths #Budget2013 ;d

Deepak Shenoy ‏@deepakshenoy: A huge negative for mutual funds is the dividend distribution tax on debt funds, upped to 25% across the board for individuals.#Budget2013

नवरुप सिहं ‏@s_navroop: In Dr @Swamy39 words i would "YAWN ..,," at #Budget2013 Nothing Inspiring, Status Quo & Taxing Super Rich to Fund Dole Outs eyeing Polls.

Sateash ‏@actindia: CONgress admission - It is incapable to give security."@Apkal: How will a fund make women safe and free from sexual harassment? #Budget2013"

Kranti Sambhav NDTV ‏@KrantiNDTV: Overall not KrantiKari Budget, yeah its trying to address Aam Aadmi in parts,not Mango Ppl :P SUVs,Cigars,Yacht expensive :) #Budget2013

Niraj ‏@niraj_dave: Chiddu said the country will be world's top ranking economy in 2025, that means he knows UPA is eating/ruining the economy ! #budget2013

G Kishan Reddy, MLA ‏@kishanreddybjp: #Budget2013: For reasons best known to him, Mr. Chidambaram has remained conspicuously silent on bringing back black money to India.

Ramesh Srivats ‏@rameshsrivats: #Budget2013 Expecting a new tax-friendly gameshow called Kaun Banega 99-Lakhpati.

Salil Tripathi ‏@saliltripathi: Today we remember Nani Palkhivala, who said: in India there is only one transfer of wealth - from the honest to the dishonest. #Budget2013

Overrated Outcast ‏@over_rated: People who wear bluetooth dongles even when they aren't talking on the phone to pay a 'Douche Tax' of 100% of all their income. #Budget2013

Pritish Nandy ‏@PritishNandy: All this noble talk sounds like preparing us for the slaughter. #Budget2013

Rohan Joshi ‏@mojorojo: Every single scheme he's pumped mad money into has a pending scam inquiry in it. May as well throw our money off a cliff #Budget2013

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