Shocking Reports: Sri Lankan Army still rape, torture Tamils

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Sri Lankan war crimes
Bangalore, Feb 27: Enhancing miseries of the Sri Lankan government officials, a report ignited the war crime controversy asserting that Lankan Army has not yet stopped torturing Tamils who have alleged links with Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

A report submitted by Human Rights Watch (HRW) claimed that Tamils in Sri Lanka have been facing wrath of the army officials and reiterated the demand of commencing an investigation by an independent international body.

Asia director at HRW, Brad Adams was quoted as saying, "The Sri Lankan security forces have committed untold numbers of rapes of Tamil men and women in custody. These are not just wartime atrocities but continue to the present, putting every Tamil man and woman arrested for suspected LTTE involvement at serious risk."

Continuing his statement, Adams also added, "It's not clear who in the government knew about these horrific crimes. But the government's failure to take action against these ongoing abuses is further evidence of the need for an international investigation."

The reports allegedly revealed a detailed account of 75 cases of sexual harassment and rape cases that have been occurred throughout the country in between 2006 to 2012.

The reports also expressed its disappointment with the existing UK government policy following which "UK continues to deport Tamils to Sri Lanka - a further charter flight is scheduled for this week - despite evidence that some Tamils with alleged links to the Tamil Tigers have been tortured by the Sri Lankan authorities, following their removal from the UK."

Some of the crucial statements of the reports have been mentioned below:

HRW could not conduct the research openly in Sri Lanka and could not even interview people who are in still in custody. Hence, the reports are likely to represent only a tiny fraction of custodial rape in political cases.

Many of the cases followed a pattern of an individual being abducted from home by unidentified men, taken to a detention centre, and abusively interrogated about alleged LTTE activities.

However, Sri Lanka has been denying all allegations against the country claiming that its army never had targeted civilians during the war against LTTE which came to an end in 2009.

Recently, UK-based Channel 4 published few pictures of LTTE chief Prabhakaran's son who was seen sitting inside a camp operated by Sri Lankan army. The photos suggest that the 12-year-old Balachandran's death was cold-blooded murder.

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