What's the logic in disrupting Parl for terror attacks?

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Bangalore, Feb 22: Those terrorists are smiling at us. See the situation that we have created. A day after a couple of horrific blasts rocked Hyderabad, the Union Home Minister was found making a routine statement while the Opposition slammed the government for not chalking out a strategy to tackle terror.

The Opposition leader in the Lok Sabha. Sushma Swaraj, said there was a clear lack of coordination between the Centre and the state even though there was prior information on the blasts as has been claimed by Shinde.


But while Swaraj said the nation needed to be united in its fight against terror, her party called a complete shutdown in Andhra Pradesh. In the Centre also, both houses were adjourned over the issue. The Rajya Sabha was adjourned after BJP's Venkaiah Naidu made an objectionable remark against Shinde. Is this the way of putting up a joint fight against terror?

It is a sorrow that while the country's leaders should rise beyond all difference and take on the problem of terror together, they are busy blaming each other and disrupting the functioning of the Parliament. Why should the Parliament be stalled for an act of terror? Will this ensure that there will be no terror strikes in future?

We have seen in the recent past that whenever a serious issue rocks the nation, the government and the Opposition at once lock their horns to display their 'genuine concern' for the country and cause bigger harm to the nation by stalling parliamentary proceedings. This is atrocious!

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These leaders, if they are at all, have little capacity to defend their motherland against any threat and just make tall claims which are utterly hollow and useless. Whether it is Assam riots, FDI debate, terrorism, social crime like rape or anything else, it is the same commotion that prevails in the Parliament. Endless commotion marks our democratic credentials and yet we regret how a US could do better than us in tackling terrorism.

But what can we expect from a leader like Sushilkumar Shinde, either? This man was given the crucial home ministry after he had failed miserably in the power ministry. What would have been a better way of compromising with national security?

No direction will be discovered by the fateful Indians until they boot out these inefficient politicians. There is no substantial work at any level to steer the nation forward. We are happy debating about our leader of tomorrow, whether it is Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi, while our present is left into the ruins.Debates are on whether Afzal Guru's hanging caused the Hyderabad blasts or whether they are connected to Owaisi's fiery speeches. Instead of reviving all debatable issues, why not sit together and reach a consensus on a comprehensive anti-terror plan? Just imagine had Andhra Pradesh been a BJP-ruled state. The tu-tu-main-main would have been multiple times more with the actual issues completely overlooked.

We have several pressing issues that we need to solve urgently. The leaders should thank that the Parliament is in session when the Hyderabad blasts took place for this gave them a chance to talk and find out a way on a war footing. But see what they are doing.

The terrorists are feeling elated. And why not?

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