Hyderabad blasts :Virtual world angry and worried

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Hyderabad Blasts
Hyderabad, Feb 22: The online space has been abuzz with anger over the Hyderabad blasts. What started off as worry later turned into anger particularly against the security system.

Many have pointed out that the main reason for the blasts is the 'lapse in security'. Using expletives users have commented that it is a 'shame on the security system in the city'. Other have shared helpline numbers and hospital contact details.

Some are worried to step out unsure of what will happen in the next minutes.IJ Priyanka, a facebook user has expressed her worry to step out. "I am getting fear to go out......don't know what will happen in next minute...."

For others it's like a deja vu. Having already witnessed several such incidents over the last few years, they feel that no precaution has been taken.

"Instead of starting a blame game, let us all unite and pray for everyone who suffered loss.. Pray for them.. God be with you Hyderabad," commented Shruti Kedia.

Some of the tweets include:

arch_truthdoc ‏@docsaystruth: Working with words: Condemn, criticize and compensate.

Gargi Rawat ‏@GargiRawat:CCTV wires at #HyderabadBlasts site was cut 4 days ago! If a terror alert shared, just what does the police look out for? Ridiculous

Rita Putatunda ‏@SisterBhugto: Govt had info but no specifics, says Shinde: Ya,right! So HM expects jihadis to keep him updated abt "specifics"!

Ramesh Srivats ‏@rameshsrivats: Families of those killed to get Rs 6 lakhs each. Try & prevent deaths boss. Don't just behave like a life insurance company

Blesson Abraham ‏@BlessonAbraham: Intelligence alert ignored by police. Yep, just another day for the police here in Hyd, no big deal.

PepperTrip ‏@tinatripp: Seriously,its not funny to joke about terrorism,blast,death.Fight against it,not sit on Twitter n joke/troll/crib about it.

Mahrukh Inayet ‏@mahrukhinayet: There goes the evidence?? An army of sweepers near the blast site. Clean up after shinde visit #hyderabadblasts

A Common Man ‏@sisiro: Tourism minister will now tour the blast sites and hospitals

Suresh En ‏@surnell: Isn't our "Intelligence" (or lack of it) insult to Common man's Common Sense?

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