Shocking pics: Prabhakaran's son killed,SL denies allegation

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Chennai, Feb 20: Ahead of the crucial United Nation's Human Rights Council meet at Geneva, Sri Lanka once again faced criticism following the release of some shocking pictures of Balachandran.

12-year-old Balachandran was the son of LTTE chief Prabhakaran. The photos released by Channel 4 of UK show how he was brutally killed by the security force of Sri Lanka. However, government officials of the country on Tuesday, Feb 19 denied all allegations against them.

"Sri Lankan forces never targeted civilians," claimed Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Delhi while addressing the controversies over the photographs of Balachandran.

Channel 4 earlier had released a video. Now, they once again have released the pictures which are parts of a documentary - No War Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka. The documentary will be screened at the meeting in Geneva.

In a column of The Hindu, the director of the Channel 4 documentary, Callum Macrae wrote, "The new photographs are particularly important evidentially, because they prove that Balachandran was not killed in crossfire, or in a battle. His death was deliberate and calculated."

"The pictures fill in chilling details on the circumstances of his murder - and leave the Sri Lankan government with yet more questions to answer about just how systematic the executions at the end of the war appear to have been," he added.

Balachandran seating in tent operated by Sri Lankan army

12-year-old Balachandran was not given cloths, so he had covered his bare body with a lungi. He was given biscuit to eat while his 5 bodyguards (LTTE cadres) were killed.

According to Channel 4, hands of the bodyguards were tied and they were shot in front of Balachandran.



How Prabhakaran's son was killed

Channel 4 alleges that the child was shot dead at close range and then photographed again.

More shocking photos are coming soon

Channel 4 claimed that it will release more photographs which will prove the brutality of the Sri Lankans who had killed the 12-year-old boy.



Tied and blindfolded before being executed

12-year-old lying on ground with bullets in his body besides his bodyguards. The clothes lying around on the ground suggests that they were tied and blindfolded before being executed.

Balachandran compelled to watch of his bodyguard's execution

The 12-year-old may have been made to watch the execution of his bound and blindfolded guards before the gun was turned on him.

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