Swine flu cases rising at alarming rate

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Swine Flu
New Delhi, Feb 18: With a total number of 420 cases of swine flu, the capital is witnessing a rise in number at an alarming rate. On Sunday, 60 cases were registered.

Dr Charan Singh, additional director, department of health and nodal officer for H1N1 flu said that the H1N1 virus is 'spreading across the city alike'. "There is no one place or pattern from where the flu is emerging. He suggested that it is seasonal phenomenon and will subside once the weather improves," he was quoted.

Data available shows that the total number of cases in 2012 was 78 while there was one case of death, in 2011 there were 3 cases and 1 death. In 2010 there were 1850 cases and 56 deaths.

According to reports, in Jaipur there were over 110 deaths took place in the past 65 days and 600 persons underwent test for swine flu; Punjab has had 20 swine flu related deaths;Himachal Pradesh has witnessed 4 swine flu deaths while 7 positive cases.

Delhi health minister AK Walia said 'all measures were in place to ensure patients testing positive for swine flu were being offered good medical care'.

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