V- Day:India sends balloons to Pak, asks to end terror

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Suchetgarh (Jammu), Feb 14 : Even as the Socialistic Democratic Party (SDP) sent balloons across the border Pakistan on V- day, to ease the on- going tension between the two countries, party president Darakshan Andrabi blamed it on 'Pakistan's policy' to 'always been that of propagating terror' adding "It is the policy matter. It is like who wants to be in the breaking news."

In a bid to ease relations between India and Pakistan which have been at loggerheads after the killing and beheading of two Indian soldiers in early January this year, the Socialistic Democratic Party (SDP) has sent balloons which have 'messages of love' and white pigeons sent to Pakistan.

Another issue which has also been at the forefront includes the hanging of parliament attack convict Afzal Guru, which has been condemned by Pakistan.

Andrabi also said that the two countries have borne the 'brunt of terrorism'. She said that both countries should fight the propagators and executers of hatred in whole sub-continent.

"We offer love to Pakistan with our belief that love begets love," the Party said. Party President, Darakshan Andrabi justified this and said, "Tensions ran high after the beheading of Hemraj but it is the greatness of our democracy that we didn't wage war with Pakistan."

But we are worshippers of love and I wish love should prevail between the two countries," she told reporters.

During the programme, 'Indo-Pak Love and Peace Day' which was held by SDP, Andrabi said that the disrespect shown to the Indian soldiers was intolerable. "We cannot tolerate disrespect of our soldiers. We request the Pakistan army and their political leadership to desist from any more hate game," she said.

Ruing that the common man is unnecessarily dragged into the politics between the countries, she said that 'leaders of both countries have to save their chair, otherwise no one wants to be at war.'

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