Wear a 'soil-coloured' kurta or face Mamata music!

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Kolkata, Feb 9: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is turning out to be a big threat in the life of her ministers and officials. After the 'fair abuse' episode where the CM threatened to whip her security guards for there was a delay in the arrival of her car at the exit, her ministers and MLAs were feeling apprehensive over the CM's order of wearing 'soil colour' kurtas during the Maati Utsav (Soil Festival) starting on Saturday.

While the same Banerjee has been ruing that her state has been seriously crippled by financial hardships, there is no dearth in government-organised festivals across the state. Whether it is an extended book fair, drama fair, tribal fair, soil fair or handicraft fair, Banerjee's Bengal is witnessing a never-ending carnival. Opposition parties, the local media and common people have criticised the administration for the 'misuse of funds' but Banerjee, as we all know, cares little.

But a major problem with the soil festival is the supremo's order to wear soil-coloured panjabi d in the fest. According to a report published in Bengali daily Ei Samay, most ministers were wondering: "What is the colour of soil?", for the colour of soil changes with the geography. Those based in Kolkata were dumb-founded the most for hardly any soil is visible in urban areas.

Moreover, nobody has the 'guts' to ask the CM about the exact colour of soil. So what is the way out? The Trinamool leaders have been hunting for the ideal kurta throughout. While some were hoping that a near-about colour would do, there were others who bought kurtas of all shades. "Anyone of them will click," they justify.

Will all go well? Let's hope for the best.

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