Guru's last interview:My death sentence is a political issue

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New Delhi, Feb 9: Afzal Guru, the main accused in the Parliament attack case of December 13, 2001 was hanged in Delhi's Tihar jail on Saturday, Feb 9. He was a Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist.

In his last interview which Guru gave to "The Sunday Indian" in Sep, 2011 said that his death sentence is a political issue.

Excerpts from the interview is given below

Afzal Guru

Why is the issue of your death penalty taking a political colour?

My death sentence is a political issue. The hon'ble Supreme Court in its judgment has stated that the collective conscience of the nation will be satisfied only when I am given the death penalty. Judgments in courts are given in accordance with legal principles and not on the basis of feelings and conscience of the people. Only khap panchayats do so. The people in Kashmir are annoyed because the Supreme Court has ignored the feelings and conscience of the people of Kashmir.

What would be the consequences in Kashmir if you are hanged ?

My hanging would worsen the situation in Kashmir. The people there look upon my punishment as part of the repressive policies pursued by the Indian government in Kashmir. There was no militancy in Kashmir till 1984. But after the hanging of Maqbool Bhatt in 1984 in Tihar jail, the resentment of the people of Kashmir against the Indian government grew stronger and militancy took roots and flourished.

In what manner would you like to be remembered if you are hanged?

I would like to be remembered as a martyr for the cause of justice. There is no fear of death in my heart as solitude and deep introspection has cultivated a deeper sense and vision that man's life on this planet is spiritually in an embryonic stage. He is born when he leaves this planet. Our soul is our real body and our body is just like our clothes. The spiritual consciousness can be developed only by constant struggle for social justice under the shadow of universal permanent values. Values are permanent and absolute, enduring and endearing which shape human personality or self. Everyone of us is individually and spiritually responsible and accountable for our deeds as great mystic Rumi said: "Don't remain unmindful of retribution for your deeds - as wheat springs from wheat and barley from barley."

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