Afzal Guru hanging: Terror goes crazy on Twitter

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mage-09-afzal-guru-302.jpg}NEW DELHI, Feb 9: At noon on Saturday of the ten top trending subjects on Twitter, seven were related to terrorism and Afzal Guru stayed at the top. Others trending were Kasab at number four, J&K at six, Tihar Jail at seventh position, RK Singh (home secretary) at eighth position, Kashmir was nine and Omar Abdullah took tenth spot.

This clearly shows that Indians are worried about terrorism affecting their daily life and the nation's growth. The reactions from the Twitterati should be seen more as a sign of sigh of relief that something decisive is happening and now the political class should get on with the governance issue instead of indulging in cacophony on terror.

The frequency of tweets was over 20 messages every second. Here are few of them.

Sumeet Panda ‏@__summit__: Now the time has come to move on...and to remediating other social evils #AfzalGuru #progress

Kunjal Shah ‏@kunjal_shah : Don't politicize #AfzalGuru execution event. We need to improve system such a way that will not develope more #AfzalGuru from anywhere.

Rohan Joshi ‏@filter_c: Afzal Guru is gone, but his sponsor got profiled in the New York Times yesterday.

Ronak Jain ‏@ronakjain_9 : you haven't Destroyed a Monster... you've Created 10 more..!!

Madhuparna ‏@UpAboveDSky : Lot of things happening bfre general elections :p :D #AfzalGuru hanging

Sahil Rao ‏@s5sahil : Woke up to the news of hanging of afzal guru. Finally law played its part.

B.Sanjay yadav ‏@B_SanjayYadav : Nw that #afzalguru has been hanged, d #bjp will now hav to scout for new issues to corner #upa. Nevertheless its gonna be #congress in 2014

Vineet Chhajer ‏@Vineet_Chhajer : I dont understand Why so much Hue & Cry and Communal talks are exasperating over the Hanging of a Terrorist Plotter?

Gitanjali Sondhi ‏@GitanjaliSondhi : Afzal Guru deserved to be hung since he failed to kill even one mla or mp.

Pissed off! ‏@RealAamAdmi : Are the collective conscience of the society is satisfied today?

Dani KKC ‏@DaniKKC: Those calling India's justice system communal after #AfzalGuru hanging, remember:India's chief justice is a Muslim, IB chief is a Muslim

Mumbaiya Enjoyneer @iSahilShah: They should tell us at least a day before so that we would be ready with our tweets.

Niya Shahdad ‏@niyashahdad: Expected but still unbelievable. Mobile internet services snapped in Kashmir after AfzalGuru's execution.

jaideepkhanduja ‏@PebbleInWaters: #Kasab and #AfzalGuru - what made government taking final call so late, spending country's huge money unnecessarily and then hanging them.

Rahul Sharma ‏@Biorahul :Omar appeals for peace. But why? Why should any SANE Kashmiri have problem with a terrorist getting hanged?

Kabir Taneja ‏@KabirTaneja : 8,200 kids died at Safdarjung Hospital due to no ventilators and we are instead giving heed to the now irrelevant Afzal Guru. Superb.

Daaku Haseena ‏@daaku_haseena : So Do u think hanging #AfzalGuru will save hanging future of the Congress Party?

Mazhar ‏@Catch_Mazhar : If the terrorists kill people, we say they don't have religion. But when the same guy is hanged, then somehow religion is talked about.

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