Vishwaroopam row: Avoid Kamal Haasan's movie, says Sri Sri

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Kamal Haasan and Sri Sri Ravishankar
New Delhi, Jan 29: Avoid Kamal Haasan's controversial movie - Vishwaroopam. The latest suggestion for all Muslims of this country came from spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Sri Sri on Tuesday, Jan 29 advised people to ignore the movie and also asserted that it will receive "wide scale publicity" if it is banned. He also added, "These movies do not really have a big impact that we think would disturb the people. How many movies in Tamil Nadu have depicted Hinduism in a very, very bad light? People are intelligent. The best thing is just laugh and let go."

Addressing his followers, Sri Sri was quoted as saying, "If someone has depicted Muslim religion or Muslim people in a bad light, we don't have to be concerned about it. Do not take these things too seriously. Entertainment is entertainment - people see it and then forget it. Anything which is banned attracts more publicity."

The spiritual leader also said that nobody can stop anyone from airing their views and sometimes they are not right and still they have the right to air their views. "Even when something is banned it will go on YouTube and hundreds and thousands of people will anyway watch it. In this age of communication and multimedia," added Sri Sri.

Showing his disappointment with another Bollywood movie - Oh My God, Sri Sri said, "A similar incident that has happened like the Vishwaroopam a few months ago in a movie called Oh My God where Indian ethos, Hindu culture, the puja and worship in the temple and ashrams were shown in a very, very bad light. It was openly derogatory to our worshipping puja style and criticizing almost every aspect of the Hindu culture."

Vishwaroopam, directed and produced by megastar Kamal Haasan, created a nation-wide controversy enraging Muslims. Tamil Nadu state government on Tuesday told Madras High Court that the movie will endanger lives, damage public properties and breach peace in the state. The movie has been banned in several of the South Indian states including Tamil Nadu, Puducherry.

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