Kerala Police grill "Bunty chor" on burglary at NRI's house

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Bunty Chor
Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 28: Kerala Police have finally got their hands on Devinder Singh aka "Bunty chor" who stole a luxury car, laptop and two costly mobile phones from a NRI's house here on Jan 21.

He was arrested in the wee hours of Jan 26 after a Malayalee resident of Pune confirmed that the occupant of a room in Sai Executive Hotel was indeed the notorious burglar. On receiving information that Devinder was staying in the hotel, City Police Commissioner P Vijayan asked the Samarth Station police to take him into custody.

A few hours later, investigators from Kerala arrived in Pune and asked their Maharashtra counterparts to hand over the accused. Circle Inspector R Pratapan had been camping in Bangalore till then as Devinder was spotted near the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border some days ago. However, the burglar escaped at that time and left behind the NRI's car.

Yesterday, Devinder was transported from Pune to Mumbai by the CI and his subordinates in a jeep. Today, an Air India flight carrying the accused landed here around 8.30 a.m. Devinder was immediately taken to the Nandavanam Armed Reserve Camp for questioning.

The burglar told newspersons in Pune yesterday that he had visited the capital of Kerala earlier this month mainly to kill Dibakar Banerjee, the director of Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye, as the latter had based the film on his deeds.

However, investigators dismissed Devinder's claim. "While we were interrogating him, he did not say any such thing. But he suddenly made the comment in the presence of the media," they noted.

Assistant Commissioner (Crime Detachment) KE Baiju is of the opinion that Devinder may be creating unnecessary hype in order to divert attention from the burglary that he had committed.

Though "Bunty chor" broke into the house of Venugopalan Nair on Jan 21 by expertly disabling the intruder alarm and other high-tech security systems, he did not realise that the NRI had installed a hidden camera.

It captured his image and allowed investigators to identify the culprit as Devinder had once appeared in the reality show 'Bigg Boss'. Besides, more than 500 cases of theft and conning people are lodged against him in police stations across the country.

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