SPAAAK thrills Young India: Angry Birds helps Real Birds

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Chennai, Jan 23: SPAAAK - a group of young people commenced on a new journey with a vision to make a huge change in the society in a constructive measure. They believe that the society consists of issues related to three elements - People, Animals and Environment - and also believe in making a difference in all the three elements in a positive and an enthusiastic way.

Initiating their mission, SPAAAK joined Blue Cross Of India in 2012 aiming to raise a fund of Rs 8 lakh for the construction of a new aviary in Chennai. However, it was not an easy journey for the young people.

Despite facing tremendous hurdles on their path, this group surprised all after achieving their target within a short period of time. This time, the Angry Birds, which is accused of spreading violence, helped them to gather the fund for their feathered cousins.

Speaking about their different journey with the Angry Birds, S Pooja, one of the founders of the group, was quoted as saying, "When the Blue Cross of India told us about the aviary that they were planning last April, we decided that this would be our first project in the city to make a difference."

The group then set up stalls in schools, colleges and even IT Parks to raise finances for their cause. Unfortunately, they failed to achieve their goal with mere stationery or fancy store stuff.

Finally, the young group decided to sell unique Angry Bird pencils, pouches in the stalls. To a surprise, it showed the result. Pooja was quoted as saying, "...every time we had a batch of Angry Bird pencils or water pouches, it sold out immediately!"

"I think within a couple of months, we had sold over 1,000 Angry Bird collectibles. And each time we sold one, we would tell students that money was going towards the welfare of real birds in the Blue Cross' new aviary," added the 20-year-old.

Pretty soon, many more people joined the student group to help injured and abandoned winged creatures. Students from other cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore and even Mumbai came forward to chip in and set up shop in their respective colleges.

Members of SPAAAK

SPAAAK was started in Nov 2011 with a vision of doing something useful to the society.

SPAAAK celebrates Independence Day with homeless children

SPAAAK celebrates Independence Day with homeless children at Roshni Homes in Chennai.

SPAAAK celebrates Christmas with children

SPAAAK celebrates Christmas with 32 children of Vallalaar Kaapagam in Chennai.

SPAAAK with Blue Cross of India

SPAAAK members with General Manager, Mr Dawn William, Blue Cross of India.

The Angry Birds pencils, pouches

SPAAAK succeeded to raise a fund of Rs 8 lakh after selling Angry Birds pencils, pouches at several stalls which were set up at different school, college campuses in Chennai and other cities.

SPAAAK - the reflection of young India

SPAAAK even helped to shift the bricks and sand to the first floor to reduce labour charges during the construction of the aviary.

The Aviary in Chennai

Blue Cross of India, with the help of SPAAAK, constructed the aviary in Chennai to help the birds, animals.

The Aviary Project in Chennai

Sponsored for an Aviary (shelter for rescued small animals and birds). The cost of construction was Rs 8 lakh and the whole amount was collected by having stalls in various schools, colleges and IT companies. Donations were also collected.

SPAAAK Journey with Angry Birds for Real Birds

SPAAAK Journey with Angry Birds for Real Birds.

SPAAAK - make a difference in a different way

SPAAAK - make a difference in a different way.

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