Highlights of Rahul Gandhi's emotional speech at Cong meet

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Rahul Gandhi
Jaipur, Jan 20: Just a day after Sonia Gandhi's decision of declaring her son's name as the vice president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi surprised and impressed the nation with his "emotional speech" for the very first time on Sunday, Jan 20.

As Firstpost said, in his best, Shakesperean hero-esque, in his worst, straight out of a Prakash Jha film, Rahul mixed personal anecdotes with down-with-the-system revolutionary metaphors, in his first speech as the party's Vice President.

Remembering her grandmother Indira Gandhi and father Rajiv Gandhi's at critical times, Rahul did not restrict himself within a political boundary, rather he brought the "emotional" touch while addressing the crowd at Chintan Shivir in Jaipur.

Here are the highlights from his speech:

  • I want to thank you all for the support shown to me.
  • Every Indian is going to be supported by the Congress, no matter what caste, religion.
  • The Food Bill will ensure no mother sees her child go hungry. RTI allows every Indian to take on the battle against corruption.
  • The Green Revolution restored the voice of the farmer; the IT revolution literally gave people a voice.
  • No matter how much knowledge you have , if you don't have position you are not heard - this is the tragedy of India.
  • Manmohan Singhji spearheaded another revolution and unleashed the voices of thousands of entrepreneurs.
  • Voices of thousands are telling us that India's governmental system is stuck in the past and is a system that dis-empowers. Power is grossly centralised in our system.
  • All our systems are aimed to keep people out.
  • Why is our youth angry? Because they are alienated as the powerful drive around in cars with red beacons.
  • We need the aam admi to participate in our politics. Even as we speak their lives are being decided in closed rooms.
  • Yet I am optimistic as we already have the building blocks for a better future.

The perfect punchlines in Rahul Gandhi's speech:

  • My father used to talk of only 15 paise (out of a rupee) reaching the poor, and now we are out to ensure that 99 paise reaches them.
  • The balance of power needs to shift from Delhi to the panchayats.
  • You have given me a great responsibility. The Congress is not a party but a family. This is the world's biggest family and has room for all Indians.
  • This is a party that has no rulebook; I am surprised how this party works and beats opponents.
  • The Congress needs to focus on leadership development. Five years from now on, we need to create 40-50 leaders who can run the country, not just the states. The Congress should groom leaders whom the people would want to follow.
  • I do not know everything, no one does... But there are millions of people and someone somewhere has the knowledge. I will look for that knowledge, I will ask senior leaders.
  • This morning I got up at 4 and went to the balcony, thinking I have a big responsibility. I decided I will tell you about hope and power. As a boy, I loved to play badminton. It gave me balance in a complicated world.
  • I was taught the game by two policemen who protected my grandmother, and who killed her, destroying that balance.
  • As we entered the hospital, people were shouting outside. My father was the bravest person but he was crying.
  • Our country then was not what it is today. We were a poor nation
  • The same evening I saw my father address the nation. I knew he was terrified of what lay ahead of him. But I saw a ray of light.
  • Today as I look back, it was that small ray of hope that changed India. Without hope, you cannot change anything of the size of India.
  • Last night, everyone congratulated me. But my mother came to my room and she sat and cried. Because she understands that the power that so many see is poison. She can see it because she is not attached to it (power).
  • the Congress party is now my life. The people of India are now my life. And I will fight for the people of India and for this party. I will fight with everything I have and I invite all to stand up and take on this fight.

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