Suicide case: Was Geetika Sharma a 'servant' to Gopal Kanda?

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Gopal Kanda and Geetika Sharma
New Delhi, Jan 1: The time when a the entire nation is demanding for more safety and security for women, two Haryana ministers made a goof up while passing a sexist remark on Geetika Sharma and praising their former colleague Gopal Kanda.

The minister called Geetika a "mere servant" to Kanda and also claimed that the former Haryana ministers will be out of all controversies as he is "innocent".

During the celebration over Kanda's 47th birthday at Sirsa, Haryana, Haryana Minister for Labour and Employment Shiv Charan Sharma was quoted as saying, "It's not a big case against Gopal Kanda. He just got himself a servant by mistake."

Supporting Mr Sharma's statement, Chief Parliamentary Secretary and Fatehabad MLA Prahalad Singh said, "It's just bad time for my brother Gopal Kanda. But very soon he will be proved innocent and these rumours will die on their own."

Kanda, who was arrested over Geetika suicide case, currently is in jail and was denied bail for several times. Geetika, who was an air hostess in Kanda's airlines, committed suicide and left a suicide note in which she accused Kanda and his another colleague Aruna Chaddha of harassing her.

Geetika suicide case hogged the limelight when Kanda's alleged romantic relationship with Geetika was revealed. The former minister allegedly had an extra-marital affair with the former air-hostess.

However, Kanda's wife rejected to accept such allegations against her husband. Many other shocking facts were also reported when Bollywood starlet Nupur Mehta stated about Kanda's relationship with another woman Ankita Singh with whom Geetika had a bitter relation.

Soon after Geetika's suicide, Nupur, an ex-employee of now defunct MDLR airlines, stated that Kanda married Ankita and both of them have a love-child.

Geetika, who was made the managing director of one of Kanda's companies, had filed a legal case against Ankita who had trespassed into Geetika's apartment in Goa and threatened the former to resign from Kanda's company.

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