Constable Tomar's death: Eyewitness exposes Delhi police?

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New Delhi, Dec 26: Twenty-one-year-old Yogendra, who was an eyewitness of the Subhash Chand Tomar episode during the anti-gangrape protest in Delhi on Dec 23, cornered Delhi police with his latest exposé.

Yogendra, a student of Journalism of Ambedkar collage, said that constable Tomar collapsed on his own while chasing protesters on India Gate along with other policemen and no one had beaten him.

Yogendra's statement on TV channel on Tuesday, Dec 25 ignited controversy over Tomar's death. Earlier, many people had claimed that Tomar had suffered a cardiac arrest. However, Delhi police reiterated that protesters had attacked him during the protest in front of India Gate and hence he fell unconscious.

During an interview with a TV channel, Yogendra was quoted as saying, "I am surprised that the police are blaming protesters for his death and trying to implicate some of them even after knowing that this was not their fault."

Yogendra along with his fellow protester had helped other police constables to rush Tomar to a nearby hospital on the fateful day. According to the eyewitness, two accomplices of Tomar left him to his fate.

Yogendra also claimed that he had given his contact numbers to Delhi police but he did not receive any calls from the latter. He was quoted as saying, "But after Tomar's death, he was not contacted. He could view TV channels only in the afternoon to find that Tomar had died and a different story is being circulated by the Delhi Police."

Finally, "after realising that the Delhi Police were trying to give Tomar's death another twist to implicate innocent students", Yogendra turned up to the media to tell his part of the tale.

Delhi police have already filed murder charges against eight accused who earlier were arrested allegedly over attacking Tomar. All of them, however, later got bail and were freed. One of the accused were from Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Kejriwal on Tuesday said that there was not even a single proof of evidence and the government was falsely framing the youths. He suspected the government was trying to seek revenge by framing him, Baba Ramdev and General VK Singh. The activist-turned-politician said he was in favour of punishing the guilty but if there was no proof against them, he would stand by them. He said there was no prima facie evidence.

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