Why Parliament session not extended to assure India?

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New Delhi, Dec 22: Why the government did not extend the winter session of the parliament and act on the issue of women's protection in more serious manner?

Now that the capital city is erupting with unprecedented scenes being played out on the power centre of Raisina Hills, the administration is getting rattled. Not since freedom movement, a group of protesters marched on the Raisina Hill, up to the Rashtrapati Bhavan and threatened the establishment.

Not since the Independent struggle that firing of teargas and lathi charge has been seen on the Raisina Hill.

Students against delhi

Like the Britishers, the government is resorting to force and calling the women and students a 'disorderly crowd'. Minister of state for Home RPN Singh went on the electronic media to call the middle class girls as 'disorderly crowd and we cannot talk to this angry public".

The minister and his government are clearly underestimating the outrage and anger of middle class and stalling action by making routine statements, sometimes threats but hardly assuming the leadership of such an issue.

Trying to tell the public that the police is doing the job is not enough. The police is doing what is expected of them and investigation of a crime is natural. What the public wants is a time-bound action agenda and a show of truthfulness.

The trust is missing and this has manifested in outrage. Nobody is punished, nobody is held accountable and girls harassment continues.

Before innocents are hurt please act, at least call parliament session and begin the process of police and judicial reforms.

Some tweets on the public movement:

Barkha Dutt (@BDUTT) : Why doesn't the CM, Sonia Gandhi or Pranab go to India Gate and sit with the students, express solidarity? Show compassion or Imagination?

Vinayak Gaikwad ‏(@Vinayakgaikwad) : India Gate, Vijay Chauk and Raisina Hill area is Tahrir Square of India. We need actions. We need accountability.

Suhel Seth (@suhelseth) : This is Pranab Mukherjee's moment in history! Come out of your palace and be amongst the people. You are India's President. Not a politician

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