Rehman should respect our soldiers and stop his PR

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Rehman Malik Talking to Media
New Delhi, Dec 15: Tomorrow (Dec 16) is Vijay Divas that marks the decisive victory of India in 1971 war over Pakistan. At least on this Vijay Divas, the government should tell Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik to act or face consequences.

Malik is indulging in public relations (PR) activities in India. He met the family of Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh and willing to shake hands with Kargil martyr Captain Saurabh Kalia's father Dr NK Kalia.

These are not acceptable when human lives are at stake. Keep your PR skills in your diplomatic bag Mr Malik. What we want to see is certain sensitivity, feeling and most importantly action on border.

On Friday, he said that he was unsure whether Captain Kalia was killed by a Pakistani bullet or the weather. Captain Kalia, who, along with others in his team, was brutally tortured and killed during the Kargil war.

Malik, who is meeting the Prime Minister on Saturday, said, "when a fight is going on in the border, we really do not know whether he (Captain Kalia) died of a Pakistani bullet or weather."

A solider surely deserves respect, especially a dead solider, now that our countries are not a war.

Captain Kalia's father has done well by refusing to meet the minister, who has not shown any regret or willing to consider a father's point of view. A guest should not speak ill of hosts.

Indian government has also not shown courage or willingness on the issue beyond the rhetoric.

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid says, "when we had the chance, we presented the matter to Pakistan. Their response has been conveyed to the nation. We will raise the issues again if need be and if the opportunity arises."

What a tame response. Where is the fire Mr Kurshid that we saw in you when you were confronting Arvind Kejriwal?

Ask Rehman to explain his silly statements like non-state actors were playing havoc with the relationship between the two countries, both facing the scourge of terrorism for many years.

Rehman is fooling us as Pakistan's spy agency ISI is not a non state player. Its involvement in Kashmir terrorism has been proved beyond doubts. Do not play with words or with innocent lives.

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