Why MBA degree does not gurantee a job?

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New Delhi, Dec 13: Picking a big hole in the way management is taught in India, a study says that our MBA graduates are unemployable and thus useless in the real world.

A B-school graduate eligible for a job is just 10 percent of thousands coming from neighbourhood institutions in the range of over 3000. The study by a Gurgaon-based talent management firm Aspiring Minds found that India's B-schools don't teach students basic skills, mainly communication and soft skills. Both these are very essential and majority of students come from the institutions without an idea of what these skills are.

Aspiring Minds study was based on "employability test" given to 32,000 MBA graduates from 220 business schools across India. The test was on topics ranging from grammar to quantitative analysis. Shockingly, it found that only 10 percent had skills that recruiters look for while hiring management graduates.

It revealed that only about half of the students tested had some knowledge of key industry terms and concepts but lacked basics like a third of finance students did not know what IPO - short for initial public offering - stood for.

A third lacked rudimentary English grammar skills. According to Aspiring Minds' Chief Executive Himanshu Aggarwal, a large number of business schools "underestimate" the importance of soft skills.

Some industry experts say that these findings are evidence that the MBA curriculum is flawed because of its emphasis on rote learning rather than on hands-on experience.

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