Details of Gujarat assembly elections 2012: 1st phase

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Gujarat went to the the first phase of assembly elections on Thursday. This election is important, particularly for the state's heavyweight Chief Minister Narendra Modi, for a win this time will not only give him the third straight victory but also strengthen his claim as a potential prime ministerial candidate in the next general elections, due in less than two years time.

The Congress, on the other hand, has been trying hard to dethrone Modi but will face an uphill task to succeed. A third force, the Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP), led by former BJP leader and anti-Modi voice Keshubhai Patel, can make some dent in the BJP's vote share, particularly in the Saurashtra region. A total of 87 constituencies will go to the elections on Thursday.


Here are the detailed information on the 2007 results in the 87 constituencies:

Gujarat Assembly Elections 2012
2007 results in constituencies going to the polls on December 13
Name AC No 2007 winner Second Margin & (%)
39 RK Gagjibhai of BJP KPJ Somabhai of Congress 3,316 votes (3.3%)

Dholka 58 TK Rayabhai of Congress CB Manubha of BJP 2.180 votes (2.2%)
59 M R Karsanbhai (Ind)  PB Baldevdas 6,717 votes (6.9%)
Dasada (SC) 60 TS Baldevdasji of BJP MM Maganlal of Congress
4,066 votes (5.1%)
61 KB Nathabhai of Congress BM Somjibhai of BJP 22,459 votes (22.2%)
Wadhwan  62 DV Narendrabhai of BJP HC Vyas of Congress 6,902 votes (5.9%)
63 JP Savsibhai of Congress CS Bhimjibhai (Ind) 1,721 votes (1.8%)
Dhrangadhra 64 PH Mohanlal of Congress IK Jadeja of BJP 12,004 votes (10.3%)
65 A K Shivlal of BJP PJ Jerajbhai of Congress 22,521 votes (16.2%)
Tankara 66 KM Kalyanibhai of BJP B Merja of Congress 19,095 votes (15.6%)
67 PM Abdulmutlib of Congress SJ Jitendrabhai of BJP 18,103 votes (16.3%)
Rajkot East 68 New (post-delimitation) New New
Rajkot West
69 New New New
Rajkot South 70 New New New
Name AC No 2007 winner Second Margin & (%)
Rajkot Rural (SC)
71 B M Babariya of BJP DK Babubhai of Congress 41,398 votes (21.3%)
Jasdan 72 BK Mohanbhai of Congress RP Amarshibhai of BJP 25,679 votes (21.6%)
73 VC Bachubhai of Congress JJ Temubha of BJP
488 votes (0.5%)
Jetpur 74 MC Rathava of Congress JS Rathva of BJP 939 votes (1%)
75 RV Hansrajbhai of Congress SB Khunt of BJP 12,386 votes (13.7%)
Kalavad (SC) 76 FR Chanabhai of BJP TJ Thakarshibhaiof Congress
6,272 votes (7.4%)
Jamnagar Rural
77 LP Solanki of BJP  Dr Dinesh Parmar of Congres 9,881 votes (7.1%)
Jamnagar North 78 New New New
Jamnagar South
79 New New New
80 JB Hematsinh of Congress C Shapariya of BJP 17 votes (0.0%)
81 KM Daya of BJP Dr VR Nathabhai of Congress 798 votes (0.9%)
 82 MP Virambha of BJP SP Dhandhabha of Congress 10,653 votes (13.8%)
83 MA Devabhai of Congress
OS Bharatbhai of BJP 9,616 votes (9.3%)
Kutiyana 84 OK Dulabhai of BJP AS Rambhai of Congress 9,150 votes (11.2%)
Manavadar 85 CJ Pethljibhai of Congress SR Gordhanbhai of BJP 1,731 votes (2%)
Name AC No 2007 winner Second Margin & (%)
Junagadh 86 MM Liladharbhai of BJP Dr BS Amanullakhan of Congress 30,987 votes (26%)
Visavadar 87 BK Mepabhai of BJP RK Madhavjibhai of Congress 4,229 votes (5%)
Keshod 88 MV Mansukhbhai of BJP RP Sakarabhai of Congress 19,471 votes (21.8%)
Mangrol 89 KB Lakhabhai of BJP Dr CC Kanjibhai of Congress 2,631 votes (2.6%)
Somnath 90 JR Virabhai of BJP BJ Bhanabhai of Congress 5,229 (3.6%)
Talala 91 BB Dhanabhai of Congress PG Varjang of BJP 5,632 votes (4.4%)
Kodinar (SC) 92 SD Boghabhai of BJP PL Bhagvanbhai of Congress 32,034 votes (27.5%)
Una 93 RK Chanabhai of BJP VP Bhimabhai of Congress 10,706 votes (7.3%)
Dhari 94 BM Panchabhai of BJP BJ Tanti of Congress 17,862 (21.2%)
Amreli 95 D Sanghani of BJP DP Dhirubhai of Congress 4,189 votes (4.2%)
Lathi 96 D Hanubhai (bhabha) of BJP BB Veerjibhai of Congress 25,309 votes (33.7%)
Savarkundla 97 New New New
Rajula 98 SH Odhavjibhai of BJP GN Ukabhai of Congress 32,330 votes (30.1%)
Mahuva 99 KK Valabhai of BJP MA Kiritbhai of Congress 26,089 (29.9%)
Talaja 100 MB Raghavjibhai of BJP ZD Bhaliya of Congress 28,125 votes (31.6%)
Name AC No 2007 winner Second Margin & (%)
Gariadhar 101 New New New
Palitana 102 SM Parakramsinh of BJP KL Popatbhai of Congress 19,394 votes (19.6%)
Bhavnagar Rural 103 New New New
Bhavnagar East 104 New New New
Bhavnagar West 105 New New New
Gadhada (SC) 106 PA Makanbhai of BJP MP Tidabhai of Congress 1,427 votes (1.3%)
Botad 107 S Patel of BJP CC Pithavla of Congress 3,188 votes (2.1%)
Nandod (ST) 148 New New New
Dediapada (ST) 149 VA Ramsinh of Congress VM Chhotubhai (JD-U) 22,379 votes (15.8%)
Jambusar 150 KL Makwana of Congress MC Pujabhai of BJP 1,001 votes (1.1%)
Vagra 151 I Patel of Congress MB Gohil of BJP 4,330 votes (4.1%)
Jhagadia (ST) 152 VC Amarasinhbhai of JD-U VC Maganbhai of Congress 7,533 votes (7.1%)
Bharuch 153 New New New
Ankleshwar 154 PI Thakorbhai of BJP PK Gumanbhai of Congress 25,798 votes (17.3%)
Olpad 155 PK Gangarambhai of BJP PK Rohitbhai of Congress 88,161 votes (33%)
Name AC No 2007 winner Second Margin & (%)
Mangrol (ST) 156 VG Vestabhai of BJP CR Kansarabhai of Congress 12,899 votes (10.1%)
Mandvi (ST) 157 SD Govindbhai of BJP PC Narayanbhai of Congress 4,139 votes (4.7%)
Kamrej 158 RB Amrutbhai of BJP GA Chhithubhai of Congress 12,676 votes (10.6%)
Surat East 159 GR Mangubhai of BJP CP Harilalbhai of Congress 1,699 votes (2.0%)
Surat North 160 VN Bhagvanbhai of BJP GD Haribhai of Congress 22,337 votes (18.0%)
Varachha Road 161 New New New
Karanj 162 New New New
Limbayat 163 New New New
Udhna 164 New New New
Majura 165 New New New
Katargram 166 New New New
Surat West 167 K Vankawala of BJP AB Shah of Congress 57,173 votes (30.8%)
Choryasi 168 N Patel of BJP S Sinh (Ind) 3,46,940 votes (40.7%)
Bardoli (SC) 169 HK Narsinhbhai of Congress RP Chhaganbhai of Congress 4,791 votes (4.0%)
Mahuva (ST) 170 K K Valabhai of BJP MA Kiritbhai of Congress 26,089 votes (29.9%)
Vyara (ST) 171 GP Dhedabhai of Congress GP Babubhai of BJP 17,472 votes (14.6%)
Nizar (ST) 172 PG Vasava of Congress GK Reshmabhai of BJP 1,668 votes (1.4%)
Dangs (ST) 173 New New New
Name AC No 2007 winner Second Margin & (%)
Jalalpore 174 RC Patel of BJP SL Patel of Congress 33,131 votes (27.8%)
Navsari 175 PN Chhaganbhai of Congress BJ Sarabhai of BJP 3,924 votes (3.7%)
Gandevi (ST) 176 PL Parshottambhai of BJP DJ Akshayabhai of Congress 13,220 votes (12.1%)
Bansda (ST) 177 New New New
Dharampur (ST) 178 CC Kolubhai of Congress CM Ramjibhai of BJP 16,831 votes (13.6%)
Valsad 179 New New New
Pardi 180 PU Girishkumar of BJP PL Babubhai of Congress 10,665 votes (9%)
Kaprada (ST) 181 New New New
Umbergaon (ST) 182 RN Patkar of BJP BM Dhodi (Ind) 51,611 votes (34.2%)

Bharatiya Janata Party Won: 41 seats
Indian National Congress Won: 21 seats
Independents Won: 1 seat
Others Won: 1 seat
New seats after delimitation: 23 seats
Lowest Margin: 17 votes (Congress beat BJP in Jamjodhpur)
Biggest Margin: 3,46,940 votes (BJP beat Congress in Surat City West)

Important constituencies in 2012
Porbandar: Gujarat Congress president Arjun Modhavadia is contesting from this seat.
Visavadar: Ex-CM and GPP president Keshubhai Patel is contesting from here.
Botad: Congress's Rajkot MP kuvalji Bavalia contesting against BJP minister Saurabh Patel
Rajkot (West): Gujarat Finance Minister Vajubhai Vala is contesting from this seat.
Gondal: GPP's Gordhan Zadafia is fighting against NCP's Chandu Vaghasia.
Dhoraji: Congress's Vitthal Radadia of BJP, who has recently in news for brandishing a gun at a toll plaza, is contesting from this seat.
Jamnagar (Rural): Gujarat BJP president Ranchod Faldu contesting from here.
Jamnagar (South): State higher & technical education and women & child development minister Vasuben Trivedi is contesting from this seat.
Kambhalia: Punamben Madam, who left the Congress to join BJP, is contesting from this seat.
Mangarol: Former Congress minister Dr. Chandrika Chudasma is contesting from this seat.
Amreli: BJP minister Dilip Sanghani is contesting against Congress's Paresh Dhanani.
Udhana: BJP minister Narottam Patel is Contesting frm this seat.
Bhavnagar (Rural): Fight between Congress Opposition leader in the assembly Shaktisinh Gohil and tainted BJP MLA Pursottam Solanki.
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