Revealed: Cop's sexual abuse on Manipuri woman in B'lore

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Violence Against Women
Bangalore, Dec 8: The 32-year-old Manipuri playwright Swar Thounaojam was publicly abused by a group of miscreants on DVG Road in Bangalore on Thursday night. To add to the shocker, the traffic police did not come to her rescue. Rather, he physically and verbally abused her.

In the complaint filed by Swar at the police station, she narrated the horror faced by her.

"I saw a traffic constable standing across the road and called him... Instead of helping (me), he started shouting at me and pushed me hard, physically touching my arms, shoulders and back in a very rough manner. The policeman asked me to park my car in a corner. While I was parking the car, the two-wheeler rider was about to escape... I myself stopped the two-wheeler rider from escaping... The policeman physically dragged me and punched me in my arms and threw me away from the bike...," Swar wrote in the complaint.

"Very soon a crowd of around 30-40 men had surrounded me and made sexual gestures at me... I started taking pictures with my mobile phone and they all laughed telling me that they would take off their clothes for me...," the complaint further reads.

The noted theatre personality has filed two FIRs about the incident. She said the crowd hurled lewd and racist comments and also abused her. The policeman who she had turned to for help allegedly shouted back at her. The victim has filed FIRs against a motorcycle-rider who hit her car and also against people who allegedly assaulted, sexually intimidated and harassed her, including the traffic constable. The incident reportedly took place after the motorbike hit her car.

Police said they have identified the two-wheeler rider who rear-ended the car of the Manipuri playwright.

(Why has B'lore lit fest ignored assault on Manipuri writer?)

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