Kejriwal accused of hijacking aam aadmi from Sonia Gandhi

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New Delhi, Nov 24: In the latest fight between Congress and Arvind Kejriwal's new political party, aam aadmi (common man) would be happy for being recognoised finally by the political leaders.

Sonia Gandhi-led Congress on Saturday, Nov 24 protested against Kejriwal and his team accusing them of "hijacking" the slogan of "aam aadmi" from the former.

A Congress leader on Saturday was quoted as saying, "Aam aadmi is Congress's slogan and no can hijack this from the party."

The statement of the Congress party surfaced just hours after Kejriwal's tweet that "Main hoon Aam Aadmi. Main laoonga swaraj. Main banaoonga Jan Lokpal (I am the common man, will bring democracy and Jan Lokpal)."

The social activist-turned-politician organised a special meeting where he along with other team members decided their party name. Though it was reported that Aam Aadmi Party has been finalised as the name, the official announcement will be made on Monday, Nov 26.

Here it can be mentioned that "Aam Aadmi" is a term which was used by Indian National Congress as their political agenda in 2004 and 2009 elections.

The party also uses the slogan as its guiding principle in running its coalition government. It refers to the average Indian addressing three essential elements of livelihood - Food, Clothing and Shelter.

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