Revealed:Why Kejriwal decided to launch his party on Nov 26?

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Arvind Kejriwal
New Delhi, Nov 26: Are you curious to know why activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal decided to launch his political party on Monday, Nov 26?  According to team members of Kejriwal, Constitution has always inspired them and therefore they are announcing the party on Nov 26, the day it was adopted in 1949. Kejriwal is going to launch his party in New Delhi.

Kejriwal's new party, to be launched on Monday, is likely to heavily borrow from the Constitution for framing its preamble, a key member of his team said.

"Recently, we were writing the objectives of the new party and I said it will be great if we can base it on the preamble of the Indian Constitution. If we can live up to the Constitution there is nothing like that. We have a ready preamble there," Yogendra Yadav, member of the core team of Kejriwal's upcoming party, said.

He said the Constitution has always inspired them and therefore they are announcing the party on Nov 26, the day it was adopted in 1949.

Stating that they are trying to give a new direction to politics in India, Yadav, also a political analyst, said their party will not only give birth to new faces but also bring in new ideology and culture in politics.

"Success in politics nowadays means winning elections. We will change that by giving new agenda on which elections are fought and won. By doing so we will change the rules of political games," he said.

The new party will also attract young idealistic people into politics, Yadav said.

On anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare's separation from the political outfit, he said, "It happened in the normal course. I feel we still have his blessings."

He said their party will not look for tying up with any regional political parties to strengthen its base.

"But we will seek support of various other organisations," Yadav said, adding that the new party will redefine the meaning of success in politics.

Karnataka Connection

A team of volunteers from Karnataka will be in New Delhi to participate in the event and meet thousands of other volunteers who will be coming from various parts of India for this event.

The youngest volunteer in the team going to New Delhi is 17 years and the oldest is 70 years.

"We also have a good number of women volunteers in the team. We also have a team of 20 student artists who will be performing Dollu Kunitha and Kamsale dances at the event to represent our state," said Sumit Raj Singh Negi, member of India Against Corruption, Bangalore.

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