Will Arvind Kejriwal use mango (aam) as his party symbol?

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New Delhi, Nov 15: As activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal is all set to form his political party on Nov 26, speculations are rife that he might use Mango (the popular fruit, which is known as Aam in Hindi) as his party symbol.

Kejriwal is said to be inspired by UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra who had earlier compared common man of India as 'mango people'. Vadra's Facebook comment 'mango people in a banana republic' had created much furore as people of India felt insulted and their sentiments were hurt after being compared with the fruit mango. Moreover, Vadra's Facebook comment had received wide-spread criticism from members of Indian Against Corruption (IAC) for calling India a banana republic.

According to sources, Kejriwal might call his party Aam Janata Party, or AJP. Till now, Kejriwal was using IAC's name. However, activist Anna Hazare expressed his reservation against the use of IAC by Kejriwal's group recently. Kejriwal and Hazare had parted their ways after the former decided to launch a political party.

Kejriwal said that his group will not use 'India Against Corruption' (IAC) as its name after the formation of his political party on Nov 26.

"Anna is too dear to us. I have deepest respects for him. After launch of our party on Nov 26, we will not use IAC name," Kejriwal tweeted on Sunday.

"If he asks me to stop using the IAC's name, I won't use it,"  Kejriwal said when asked about Hazare and his associates' claim that the name remains with them.

Now, time will only tell what exactly would be Kejriwal's party symbol and name? Indian political parties are known to have used some funny objects as their party symbols and mango fruit making its entry as party symbol won't surprise people.

Moreover, mango as a party symbol is already in use in Puducherry. Mango is the party symbol of regional party, Pattali Makkal Katchi. Many are also saying Kejriwal might end up using Gandhi topi (cap) as his party symbol. Kejriwal and his followers often wear the cap to show their allegiance with Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy.

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