Survey reveals: What Indians think about Congress, BJP, BSP?

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Bangalore, Nov 14: Political parties in India have already started their pre-poll campaigns all around the country as Lok Sabha elections are nearing. The crucial elections are expected to be held in 2014.

Starting from Congress to BJP, BSP to NCP all seem to be very busy in wooing their fellow countrymen to get votes during the elections which determine which political party runs the country.

While Congress-led UPA government would try to retain its power in the Centre, BJP-led NDA would definitely give a massive fight to root-out UPA. Regional parties such as BSP, CPI, CPI(M) are also not lagging behind. It seems that aam-aadmi (common man) has become mantra of the hour for all parties.

However, a survey conducted by has not sent a message which could impress our political leaders whose images have been tarnished over several scams, corruption cases. It would be difficult for them to regain the faith and support of the Indians. conducted the survey asking people to express their opinion about six political parties [Congress, BJP, BSP, NCP, CPI, CPI(M)] in one word. A total of 2,357 people participated in the online poll and a total of 7,394 answers were received.

Here are results showing what Indians think about above mentioned six political parties:

For Indians, Congress stands for Corruption

The survey shows that Gandhi family-led Congress party has lost its popularity as the party is besieged by a series of corruption charges.

A total of 1,926 comments were received. Sonia Gandhi, 2G and scam were few other words which were used to describe the party.

For Indians, BJP stands for Narendra Modi

The survey received a total of 1,865 comments describing BJP. It seems that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is the most popular leader of the party as people had taken his name while participating in a one-word description poll.

However, BJP too was targetted over "corruption". Advani, Vajpayee and hindutva were also mentioned by people during survey.

For Indians, BSP stand for Elephant

A total of 1,425 comments were received describing Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) and according to people, elephant, Mayawati, caste and corruption can reveal the party's image.

For Indians, NCP stands for Corruption & Pawar

A total of 1,336 comments were obtained. Corruption, Pawar, scam and Congress were few among those words which were used to describe crucial ally of UPA - NCP-led by Sharad Pawar.

For Indians, CPI stands for Waste

A total of 1,408 votes were collected and waste, strike, communism, useless, corruption were among those words which were used to describe CPI.

For Indians, CPI(M) stands for Useless

A total of 1,360 votes were obtained and useless, waste, corruption, communist were used to describe CPI(M).

The party was uprooted from power in West Bengal and Kerala during assembly elections 2011.

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