US Prez Polls: Has superstorm Sandy helped Barack Obama?

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Superstorm Sandy
Washington, Nov 3: As the 2012 US presidential election draws near, the entire election debate on who will win the race to White House boils down to one point. Climatic changes and superstorm Sandy effect are most likely to decide the fate of President Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney.

It seems superstorm Sandy has done a hell lot of good to Obama because of his stand on climate change as election survey suggests. Survey indicates that President Obama is mostly likely to retain his Presidency post. Obama, who found himself trailing by 0.7 per cent behind Republican candidate Romney, who garnered 47.7 per cent votes in a poll conducted by on Oct 26, has now tied with his rival. The devastation caused by Sandy and Obama's relief and rescue operations seems to have given a boost to his sagging popularity.

According to the poll, on Oct 26, Mitt Romney garnered 47.7 per cent votes, while Obama secured 47.0 per cent. Four days later, on Oct 30, the poll results showed Romney at 47.9 per cent and Obama at 47.1 per cent. Two days later, on Nov 1, Obama and Romney were tied, both securing 47.0 per cent votes.

As the entire US is now worried about the climate change and its ill-effects on the nation, Americans are most likely to elect a President who shows strong conviction to fight the hazards of climate change.

Many in US, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a former Republican, believed that Obama would adopt policies to tackle climate change and his Republican challenger Romney would not.

People in US feel Obama administration is pro-environment as it regulated to curb heat-trapping carbon dioxide and other emissions from cars and power plants. 

As reported by The Huffington Post, a heckler interrupted Republican presidential nominee Romney during a rally on Thursday in Virginia Beach, Va., shouting "climate change caused Sandy" before he was booed at and escorted away from the event. The man held up a sign that read "End Climate Silence."

"Romney's policies on climate change -- or lack thereof -- are under renewed scrutiny in light of superstorm Sandy, which hit the east coast this week and caused major damage," writes Elise Foley in her article titled "Mitt Romney Heckled: End Climate Silence!" in The Huffington Post.

As 38 people have died in Sandy's wake and many people have lost everything, now it is to be seen how US would deal with a future natural calamity on the line of superstorm Sandy?

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