Narendra Modi's songs add colour to Navratri fever

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Narendra Modi
Ahmedabad, Oct 16: All Gujaratis will be overwhelmed as their Chief Minister has brought a special gift for them on account of Navratri. Narendra Modi has added special flavours to this festive mood as he penned down two garba-special songs this time.

Modi's songs have been released under the banner of a well-known singer Devang Patel. The singer recently has released his album featuring two songs written by the Gujarat Chief Minister.

Anita Karwal, Chief Election Officer of Gujarat, restrained self from commenting on the issue. Karwal was quoted as saying, "Code of conduct is a serious business. Therefore, I cannot comment on the assumption of what may happen in future."

The assembly election in Gujarat will be held in two phases on Dec 13 and Dec 17 and the counting will be held on Dec 20. The CM is currently busy in election campaigns. However, his new venture in writing songs impressed all, especially Gujaratis.

Lyrics of one of the songs, entitled as Ghumne Eno Garbo, is as follows -

Gaye teno garbo ne jhile teno garbo
garbo Gujarat ni garvi merat chhe.
Ghume teno garbo ne jhume teno garbo
garbo Gujarat ni garvi merat chhe.
Surya-chandra garbo ne Rutuo pan garbo
garbo Gujarat ni garvi merat chhe.
Divas pan garbo ne raat pan garbo
garbo Gujarat ni garvi merat chhe.
Sanskruti garbo ne prakruti garbo
Vaansdi chhe garbo, morpinchh garbo
Mati garbo, sahamati ye garbo
vir no ye garbo, amir no ye garbo
Kaya pan garbo ne jiv pan garbo
garbo nivan ni hadvi nirant chhe.
Garbo Sati chhe ne garbo gati chhe.
garbo naarini phulni bichhat chhe.
Garbo sat chhe ne garbo akshat chhe
garbo mataji nu kanku radiyat chhe.

- Narendra Modi

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