US Poll: Biden proved experienced, mature for young Ryan?

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Danville, Kentucky, Oct 12: There was no clear winner when Vice-President Joe Biden and the man who wants to succeed him, Republican Paul Ryan, fought vice-presidential debate in front of millions of TV viewers on Thursday, Oct 11. 

Experts opined that although Biden was much matured in terms of his experience and age against his younger opponent Ryan, the debate was almost neck-to-neck.

The debate started over President Barack Obama's foreign policy in Libya and Iran.

Observers say Biden maintained an offensive stand throughout the debate while Ryan found himself in a defensive position on the economy and foreign policy that he could not fully explain.

Ryan said that the recent murder of an American ambassador in Libya shows that Obama's policies have been a failure.

"It's indicative of a broader problem," he said. "What we are seeing on our TV screens is an unravelling of the Obama foreign policy."

In reply to Ryan's claim, a laughing Biden said, "With all due respect, that is a bunch of malarkey."

"Not a single thing he said is accurate," Biden said.

Observers say that throughout the debate, Biden displayed no hesitation in contradicting Ryan, something Obama had failed to do during his debate against challenger Mitt Romney.

When Ryan accused Obama of leaving American troops in danger in Afghanistan by reducing troops too early in the fighting season, Biden repeatedly pointed out that Afghan troops were filling in.

The slow economy has been the dominant issue of the US election and Ryan cited high unemployment numbers as evidence that there is no economic recovery under way.

In turn, the pressure was on for Biden to go where Obama did not in his own debate.

The 90-minute debate was moderated by Martha Raddatz, senior foreign affairs correspondent for ABC News. The debate was the only vice-presidential one between Ryan and Biden. Whereas, President Obama and Republican challenger Romney have two more debates slated for Oct 16 in New York and Oct 22 in Florida.

The first high-stakes debate between President Obama and Romney mostly discussed on crumbling US economy, which was held on Oct 3.

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