Kanda's offensive SMSes forced Geetika to commit suicide?

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Gopal Kanda
New Delhi, Oct 7: Delhi police indicted former Haryana Home Minister Gopal Goyal Kanda and his close associate Aruna Chaddha regarding Geetika Sharma suicide case. Police on Saturday, Oct 6 submitted charge-sheet to a Delhi court and accused Kanda and Chaddha of harassing Geetika.

The cops in its charge-sheet said that Kanda's offensive messages (SMSes) had compelled 23-year-old air-hostess Geetika Sharma who had worked in now defunct MDLR airlines owned by Kanda.

Following Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Information Technology Act, the investigative officials charged criminal conspiracy, destruction of evidence, forgery and sending offensive messages against Kanda.

Charges against Kanda and Chaddha said that the duo had abetted the suicide of the former sir-hostess through "malicious and wilful acts of mental torture, threat, blackmail and stress and criminal intimidation spread over two years" that forced young Geetika to end her life.

The charge-sheet also accused Kanda and Chaddha of "harassing, conspiring, intimidating and creating an atmosphere of terror and continuous pursuit."

Delhi police also added, "By sending forged and false e-mails and by making Geetika use forged No-Objection Certificate when she left MDLR [which she had no reason to suspect to be forged] and joined Emirates Airlines, Gopal Kanda had created an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust around Geetika in which she was not able to hold her head high and face her colleagues. She resigned to save her dignity... She rightly feared that she would be viewed with suspicion and distrust by her colleagues, friends and future employers and becoming extremely distressed and depressed, she decided to end her life by hanging herself."

Geetika committed suicide in her apartment in Delhi on Aug 5. In her suicide note, Geetika had alleged that Kanda and Aruna Chaddha were responsible for compelling her to end her life. The police have booked Kanda under abatement to suicide case. He was forced to resign from his post following his alleged role in Geetika's suicide case.

Police arrested Chaddha but failed to take Kanda into their custody as he absconded. Later he surrendered himself and was sent judicial custody.

The suicide case hogged limelight when Kanda's alleged involvement with Geetika was revealed. The former minister allegedly had an extra-marital affair with the former air-hostess. However, Kanda's wife rejected to accept such allegations against her husband.

Many other shocking facts were also reported when a Bollywood starlet Nupur Mehta stated about Kanda's relationship with another woman Ankita Singh with whom Geetika had a bitter relation.

Soon after Geetika's suicide, Nupur, an ex-employee of now defunct MDLR airlines, stated that Kanda married Ankita and both of them have a love-child.

Geetika had filed a legal case against Ankita who had trespassed into Geetika's apartment in Goa and threatened the former to resign from Kanda's company.

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