Modi asks PM to reveal expenditure on Sonia's treatment

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Narendra Modi
Gandhinagar, Oct 2: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today urged the government to reveal details of the expenditure incurred so far on Congress president Sonia Gandhi's treatment abroad.

Slamming the ruling party at the Centre for not sharing the expenses on her several foreign trips in the past few years, the CM wanted to know why they had not sued the daily that had published a report wherein it is mentioned that the bill for Sonia Gandhi's frequent travels totals over Rs 1800 crore.

Addressing a meeting here today, Modi said, "This information came in July; I have taken up the issue in October, what were they doing for these months, why didn't they rebut it all these months and if the news was wrong why did they not file a legal case?" His reference was to the Congress leaders who had sought an apology from him for "lying" about their party chief.

Modi pointed out that the RTI plea was submitted two and half years ago and the nation got to know about Sonia Gandhi's illness much later. "I read in a newspaper that Rs 1880 crore was spent on her treatment.... if you want to shut Modi up then the government should give details about the money spent on her foreign travels from 2004 to 2012," he stressed.

Taking another dig at the Congress, the CM noted that the party claims credit for bringing in the RTI Act but activists who send queries under it are not being provided the necessary details. "Law says that the information should be given in three months but it has been more than two and a half years now, why is that the information is not being provided?" Modi wondered.

"In the name of humanity, I request the Prime Minister to spend as much money as needed for the treatment of Sonia Gandhi. But if people want to know the details of the expenses, should not the government give the details?" he said. "I am not posing a question to Sonia Gandhi. I am asking the PM how much money from the exchequer has been spent on Sonia Gandhi," Modi added.

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