Common man brings Gandhi cap back in fashion

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Bangalore, Oct 2: It seems the humble khadi cap, popularly known as Gandhi cap or Gandhi topi shares great attachment with the common man or "aam aadmi". Since the time of Indian Independence movement to ongoing anti-corruption crusade, activists participating in mass agitation would be seen flaunting the white coloured cap, pointed in front and back and having a wide band.

On the occasion of 143rd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on Tuesday, Oct 2, a large number of young and old people were seen wearing the cap. Moreover, activists during the launch of a political party by Arvind Kejriwal in New Delhi were seen wearing the caps bearing the tagline "I am the Common Man, I want a Jan Lokpal" rather than phrases like "I am Anna" or "I am Arvind" which were popular among the masses when Anti-Corruption movement under the leadership of Anna Hazare was at its peak.

Even in far-flung Imphal, the capital-city of Manipur, supporters of Irom Sharmila, the civil rights activist who is on a hunger strike since Nov 2, 2000, often don caps featuring 'I am Irom Sharmila" on it.

By now, the cap has become a symbol associated with non-violence protests.

Mahatma Gandhi was the first person who had popularised its use during the Indian independence movement. Worn commonly by Indian independence activists, it became a symbolic tradition for politicians and political activists to wear it in independent India.

But of late, it is the common man, who is participating in non-violent movements demanding an end to corruption, who brought it back in fashion.

Teenager Lakshmi K, a college-going student in India's IT hub said that cap marks the struggle of Indian people.

Lakshmi who was also seen wearing the cap on Tuesday said that she was donning it to celebrate Gandhi's birth anniversary.

Be it mass agitators in a peace movement or young politicians like Rahul Gandhi or the dabbawallahs on the streets of Mumbai, Gandhi cap symbolises everything Indian.

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