Not Manmohan but Mumbai school children impress Obama?

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Obama and Manmohan Singh
United Nations, Sept 26: It seems that children in Mumbai schools and other Indian youths succeeded in all those spheres where Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other political leaders failed as US President Barack Obama claimed that not political leaders but Mumbai youths gave him hope.

Delivering his last speech at UN General Assembly hall before the upcoming US presidential elections in Nov 2011, Obama on Tuesday, Sept 25 once again impressed all with his overwhelming speech. The US President, while addressing world leaders, said, "What gives me the most hope is not the actions of leaders - it is the people I've seen."

"The American troops who have risked their lives and sacrificed their limbs for strangers half a world away. The students in Jakarta and Seoul who are eager to use their knowledge to benefit humankind... The young people in the favelas of Rio and the schools of Mumbai whose eyes shine with promise," added the president while appreciating young people of the world.

Citing Obama's comment on political leaders and Mumbai youth, one question raises on politicians - Do their eyes indeed lack shine with promises?

Continuing his speech at UN assembly, Obama also added, "These men, women and children of every race and every faith remind me that for every angry mob that gets shown on television, there are billions around the globe who share similar hopes and dreams. They tell us that there is a common heartbeat to humanity."

Expressing his concern on the present situation of the world, the President asserted, "So much attention in our world turns to what divides us. That's what we see on the news and that consumes our political debates. But when you strip that all away, people everywhere long for the freedom to determine their destiny; the dignity that comes with work; the comfort that comes from faith; and the justice that exists when governments serve their people - and not the other way around."

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