Narendra Modi hurls more damages on 'hurt' PM

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Narendra Modi
Surat, Sept 25: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has made a no holds barred attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on his recent address to the nation on the FDI in retail issue that has rocked the boat in the Centre. In a point by point rebuttal of the PM's claims, Modi took all opportunity to slam the PM and the UPA government.

Criticising the Prime Minister's statement, "money does not grow in trees", Modi asserted, "Public knows everything, Mr Prime Minister, you may or may not know, but people know you have tree of 2G spectrum, tree of coal scam!"

He also expressed his concern for the countrymen saying, "The PM doesn't speak....or he cannot speak...or he doesn't have anything to speak....Imagine friends, the country is like a boat without sailor."

Highlighting the recent power grid failure that struck the North and North-Eastern part of the country, he rained further blows on the Manmohan Singh government and stated, "The country plunged into darkness one and a half months ago, leaving 70 crore population across 19 states struggling for power."

Not stopping there, Modi adding further insult to injury chose to blow the lid off the many false promises made by the Congress-led UPA government and said that the UPA had cheated youth over "job promises".

He added, "When Congress was contesting 2009 elections it promised one crore jobs. Did anyone get a job? The age limit, earlier 25 years, has been relaxed to 28 and where the age bar was 28 years it has been enhanced to 30 years."

Modi's verbal tirade against the ruling UPA government gains significance at a time when the state will hold Assembly elections in Nov 2012 and the CM is going through a massive campaign called the Swami Vivekanand Yuva Vikas Yatra across Gujarat to garner votes as part of the high powered campaign. There is also a likely chance that the Gujarat CM could be named as the prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

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