Israel envoy walks out of UN meet as Iran Prez talks tough

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United Nations, Sept 25: Israel's UN ambassador Ron Prosor walked out of a high-level UN meeting on Monday after the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, termed Israel a nuclear-armed 'fake regime' protected by the US. Ahmadinejad also accused the US and others of misusing freedom of speech and failing to stop defamation of people's beliefs and 'divine prophets', according to agency report.

The Iranian President was apparently referring to the recent US-made video that created a big ruckus in the Muslim world for attacking Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.

The Iranian leader, who has given a call for Israel's destruction, denounced its occupation of Palestinian territory and US vetoes in the UN Security Council backing its ally. He appealed to the international community to make a move against the occupants and return the occupied soil to the actual owners.

He also took an indirect dig at the discriminatory veto power of the five permanent members in the Security Council, namely, the US, Russia, the UK, France and China, saying it was responsible for the Security Council's failure to ensure peace and wanted a change of rules in favour of nations who have a concern for justice.

The Israeli diplomat and other delegates walked out of the General Assembly hall while Ahmadinejad was addressing to an audience comprising representatives from over 100 nations.

Prosor later said that the Iranian President, through his speech, not only threatened the future of the Jewish people but also warned of erasing their history. He warned the world that it would have to bear responsibility if it chose to ignore the hateful words of Ahmadinejad, whom he called a fanatic who was inching closer to acquire nuclear weapons.

Israel considers a nuclear-armed Iran a grave threat although the latter says its nuclear programme is peaceful and only aims to produce nuclear energy. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tehran was fast progressing towards acquiring a nuclear weapon, compelling the US to set alarm. If Iran crossed the limits, the US might deploy its military power.

US President Barack Obama was, however, against setting up limits for Tehran. The delegates from Washington did not walk out of the General Assembly meeting on Monday, unlike some instances in the past when Iran attacked Israel.

UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon organised the maiden high-profile UN meeting on the rule of law to convey a message around the world that the leaders were trying hard to establish sound institutions and deliver justice. He said he was proud to announce that the UN was working towards promoting the rule of law in over 150 countries.

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