Protester strips to express anger against UPA's policies

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Protester goes shirtless in front of PM
New Delhi, Sept 22: Perhaps Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was not prepared for this. As the Prime Minister was all set to address a meet on economic growth at the Indian Law Institute in New Delhi on Saturday, Sept 22, he encountered a minor protest.

A lone man chanted slogans, expressing his displeasure against recent economic policies adopted by Congress-led UPA government. To mark his protest, the man took off his shirt and climbed onto a desk to make himself visible to all in the auditorium.

The man shouted, "PM vapas jao (PM, go back)."

The security staff immediately moved in and whisked the man away. The protester has been handed over to Delhi Police for further interrogation. The entire episode has put in a question mark, in regard to the security measures in place for Prime Minister.

However, Manmohan Singh remained undeterred by the minor interruption and stressed on the need for India to build a climate that invites investment. "It is our responsibility to maintain transparency in our process to maintain the faith of investors," he said, adding, "Morality is an intrinsic part of our development process. India was fortunate to have Mahatma Gandhi who gave us the guidance of satyagraha."

Manmohan Singh, in an address to the nation on Friday evening, explained the recent important policy decisions made by the government to put India's failing economy back on track.

"The world is not kind to those who do not tackle their own problems. Many European countries are in this position today. They cannot pay their bills and are looking to others for help. They are having to cut wages or pensions to satisfy potential lenders," said the PM.

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