UPA with out TMC what is the position?

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New Delhi, Sep 18: Even though Trinamool Congress withdrawn support UPA can win a no confidence motion by getting outside support of RJD and BSP. UPA main constituent Congress is eying that possibility. Congress was expecting a drastic movement from Mamata. So they were prepared for anything.

See the maths of Lok Sabha members here.

UPA with out Trinamool congress

UPA was having 273 members in Lok Sabha. But with out Trinamool congress it comes down to 254. Trinamool is having 19 members in the Loksabha.

Now, if the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) continue to support the government, the UPA will have a strength of 279 in the Lok Sabha.

UPA(273) - TMC(19) + BSP(21) + RJD(4) = 279

Now UPA may seek help of Samajwadi Party which has 22 MPs. If Samajwadi Party comes into board total number of UPA will become 301.

UPA(273) - TMC(19) + BSP(21) + RJD(4) + Samajwadi Party (22) = 301

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