Homemakers to be rewarded salary for their work

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New Delhi, Sept 17: It's a well know fact that being a homemaker is the most thankless job. No matter you slog 24X7, hardly there exists any reward or award. The very status of homemakers, or housewives, as they are commonly addressed as, is going to change in India soon. If the latest proposal of providing salaries for housewives by the Women and Child Development Ministry materialises, then homemakers too would enjoy monthly salary.

'Homemakers should be empowered and paid to maintain their households' was an idea that the WCD Ministry came up with at a meeting held recently.

The aim of the latest proposal is to empower women as a large section of them still are homemakers in India.

"The proposal is to empower Indian women, who are still marginalised," said WCD Minister of Delhi, Kiran Walia.

To implement the proposal in right earnest, the WCD Ministry has already asked the Ministry of Statistics to evaluate the number of hours women put in household work.

However, the latest idea mooted by the WCD Ministry has already come under criticism. It is not only the husbands, but several women's rights groups have also doubted the very feasibility of the entire proposal.

"The question that arises as to how to implement such a seemingly impossible plan," asked a member of women's rights group.

Many women's groups say the proposal raises several questions and might harm the very fabric of marriage.

"The proposal will affect the relationships between a mother and a child and a husband and his wife," Director of the Centre for Social Research Ranjana Kumari told CNN-IBN.

Although, homemakers have welcomed the proposal, husbands are still figuring out the details of the proposal.

"Since ages we have been neglected. We spend 12-14 hours a day, doing household chores, but we are hardly rewarded or awarded. Ours is a thankless job. Even our husbands and children take us for granted. If the proposal is implemented, our work would be valued," said Kanchan Shah, a homemaker in Bangalore.

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