Clashes over controversial film in Egypt enter Day 4

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Cairo, Sep 15: Clashes between police and protesters near the US embassy here over the controversial film dishonouring Prophet Mohammad entered the fourth day on Saturday. One protester was killed late on Friday while several were injured during the clash. The clashes spread to the banks of the Nile after the administration shut the road leading to the embassy. The protesters tried to find an alternative route to reach the embassy.

On Friday, hundreds of protesters pelted stones and petrol bombs at the police after they were pushed back from near the embassy. Some protesters shouted slogans like 'God is Greatest' and 'There is no God but God' and threw stones on a street leading from the famous Tahrir Square to the embassy, located nearby. The police responded by firing tear gas.

The state news agency said over 25o people have been injured during the clashes that broke out this week following the breach of the embassy. The protesters said that they would continue with their agitation until President Mohammed Morsi took a stand on the issue.

Islamist President Morsi, who is the first incumbent to have come to power through free elction, has a tough task to strike a balance between the US, a major aid donor and the protesters who attack Washington over the controversial film. He condemned the film, appealed for peace and promised to protect diplomatic missions. He also asked US President Barack Obama to take action against those who were creating problems.

Meanwhile, militants attacked an international observer base near Israel-Gaza borders, a source said. Two Colmbian soldiers were also injured, sources said. US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said his Egyptian counterpart General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to ensure safety of the US diplomatic mission, Penatgon sources said.

The low-budget controverisal film made in the USA allegedly insulted Prophet Mohammad as a womanizer and caused a huge uproar from Northern Africa to South-east Asia.

The US said it had nothing to do with the film but could not curb the right to free speech.

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