Survey: Indians want economic stability

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New Delhi, Sept 13: Indians are a concerned lot as the country is undergoing economic instability, says a survey report. According to the latest survey done by Pew Research, only 49 per cent of Indians are satisfied with the economy in 2012 as opposed to 56 per cent in 2011.

Corruption in the government and corporate sector and crime come second on the list, as reported by television channel CNN-IBN on Thursday, Sept 13.

In the survey, around 92 per cent of respondents have blamed the government of India for being responsible for their economic worries. Moreover, 66 per cent of Indians think that their children will have a more difficult future. The world average is 81 per cent.

Although scams and corruption charges against the ruling Congress-led UPA government are making news headlines, but common men on the streets are worried about economic stability the most. After economy, the survey indicated people are concerned about high corruption and crime rates in the country.

Speaking to CNN-IBN, Director of the agency Bruce Stokes said, "The mood is down and that is to be expected since the economy is slow. The drop off in support of the economy is actually greater in India than it is in China or Brazil. Relatively the concerns are worsening faster here. People overwhelmingly blame the government."

Stokes cited three main issues concerning Indians are economy, corruption and crime.

"The top three issues are the economy - various aspects of the economy namely growth rate, gap between the rich and the poor. The second set of issue is corruption - public corruption, private corruption, crime," said Stokes.

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