'Congress workers assaulted Prez Pranab Mukherjee's son'

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Abhijit and Pranab Mukherjee
New Delhi/Kolkata, Sept 10: President Pranab Mukherjee's son, Abhijit Mukherjee has allegedly been assaulted by a group of Congress activists in Tripura.

MLA Subal Bhowmick, the General Secretary of Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) on Monday, Sept 10 accused the Congress workers led by Balai Goswami, another General Secretary of TPCC, of attacking Mr Abhijit, a Congress MLA from West Bengal.

According to Mr Bhowmick, the President's son visited Bamutia, about 35 Km from Tripura's state capital Agartala. Mr Abhijit on Aug had gone to Bamutia to inaugurate a library in the name of Tripura'’s first Chief Minister Sachindra Lal Sinha.

On his return, Mr Mukherjee was stopped by the group and was dragged to the party office where they allegedly had assaulted Mr Abhijit physically.

"I was accompanying Mukherjee but could not resist them because they were more in number. All these things had happened before my eyes and I remained as a silent witness of the incident”," said Mr Bhowmik while attending a conference on Monday.

According Mr Bhowmik, Congress President Sonia Gandhi has been informed about the incident. Mrs Gandhi has been urged to take strong action against the Congress workers in Tripura.

However, TPCC President Sudip Roy Burman had rejected to accept such reports of assault. Reacting to Mr Burman's statement, Mr Bhowmick said, "When I was the eye witness of the incident, he did not bother to ask me what happened on the day”. I demanded inquiry and exemplary punishment according to the inquiry report."

The Congress workers allegedly showed their rage against Mr Abhijit who is reported to have visited the state without taking permission from the TPCC President.

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