B'lore: Judge's "swalpa adjust" comment irks women groups

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Domestic abuse
Bangalore, Sept 6: In this age of women empowerment and emancipation, a Karnataka High Court judge has stirred a hornet's nest with his insensitive comments on women with various women's groups demanding his removal. In a statement that shocked all, the Judge reportedly said that it was okay if the wife was beaten up by the husband as long as he took good care of her.

Taking offense at the blatant disregard for a woman's dignity, the judge is under fire for his callous comment. The judge made this statement while hearing a domestic violence case. It has been reported that the judge told the plaintiff, who was in court seeking divorce on the grounds of abuse, that she should "adjust" to the cruelty for the sake of her marriage and her children.

Activists have launched an online initiative seeking the judge's removal. Women lawyers have also expressed solidarity for the cause and has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Justice seeking specific guidelines be imparted to judges who deal with sensitive cases involving women and children.

Advocate Pramila Nesargi has been quoted as saying, "I somehow feel domestic court cases and family court cases must be posted before a judge who has been trained specially for that particular purpose and who can understand the feelings of a lady."

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