Geetika: Prediction becomes reality, women destroyed Kanda!

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Gopal Kanda with Geetika, Nupur, Ankita and Aruna
New Delhi, Aug 30: It seems that former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda was aware of the fact that one day he might be destroyed completely for his addiction towards beautiful young women. He was warned about his doomsday but it seems that he might have taken the prediction too lightly. Unfortunately, his present condition shows that the astrologer's prediction has come true.

Tara Baba had predicted that Kanda's power, fame and money could not save him as he would be finished if he would not change his attitude while associating with several women. Tara Baba's close aide Mohan Lal informed that the astrologer had warned Kanda several times but it seems that all warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

According to sources, Kanda was a follower of Tara Baba. Kanda is reported to have donated a huge amount of money to Tara Baba's ashram. He had organised jagarans (prayers which continue for a whole night) for the Baba many times.

Kanda, who was a minister in Haryana, was forced to resign from his position when he was booked following Geetika Sharma's suicide. After evading arrest for few days, the former minister was arrested on Aug 18 and on Tuesday, Aug 28 he was sent to 14-day judicial custody till Sep 11.

If sources are to be believed then Kanda was addicted towards young beautiful women. He used to appoint all young girls in his company. He was the owner of the now defunct MDLR airlines and a casino in Goa. His close aide, on the condition of anonymity, said that Kanda used to enjoy being surrounded by women.

Following the Geetika suicide case, many women's names have surfaced and all of them were closely associated with the former minister at different times. Kanda allegedly had showered money and expensive gifts on the women he loved and cared. Geetika Sharma, Ankita Singh, Nupur Mehta, Aruna Chaddha and many other women allegedly have been exploited by the powerful former minister.

Sources also informed that Kanda used to take pictures with several beautiful women and used to blackmail them. Here are the names of prominent women whose names have come up during the investigation of Geetika's suicide case.

Aruna Chaddha:

Aruna Chaddha, a single mother, is an employee in Kanda's MDLR company. Geetika, in her suicide note, had mentioned that she along with Kanda had forced her (Geetika) to commit suicide. Geetika's family members accused Aruna of harassing Geetika.

According to sources, Aruna was asked to hire good looking beautiful young girls for the company. She along with Kanda allegedly had scripted Geetika in a forged signature case. She has been arrested. Aruna, during the police investigation, stated that Geetika was taken to several hospitals for abortion. Her statement diverted the suicide case to a new angle. However, police also claimed that Aruna tried to misguide the cops.

Ankita Singh:

Ankita, who had a fight with Geetika in 2009 when she trespassed into Geetika's flat in Goa and snatched her laptop, purse and passport, had claimed that Kanda had married her and both of them have a love child.

Ankita was a dancer at Kanda's casino. Kanda is believed to have spent a huge amount on her but his affection towards Ankita faded away when Geetika came into his life. Geetika had mentioned about Ankita in her suicide letter. Earlier, it was reported that Kanda might have asked Ankita to leave the country when Geetika committed suicide but recently sources informed that Ankita has returned to India and may reveal many secrets in front of the police.

Nupur Mehta:

The Bollywood starlet, who hogged the limelight for the first time when her name appeared in IPL match-fixing case, was an ex-employee of now defunct Kanda's company. She spoke about Ankita and Kanda's relationship and the starlet also mentioned that Geetika and Ankita were not in good terms as both of them were envious of each other over their relations with Kanda.

According to sources, Nupur too had a close relationship with Kanda who allegedly had gifted a flat and car to the former. However, the starlet has overruled all such statements.

Geetika Sharma:

23-year-old former air-hostess was found dead in her apartment in Delhi. Her family members claimed that she was depressed after getting threatening calls from Kanda, though the former minister rejected to accept any information about phone calls.

Kanda had given money to Geetika for her MBA and also had gifted a BMW car which she had used for some time and later returned it back. Autopsy reports revealed that Geetika was subjected to unnatural sex and she, in her suicide note, had also mentioned that Kanda had made her life abnormal.

According to sources, Kanda was involved with many other women from rich families. Ankita Singh, earlier in 2009, had claimed that Kanda's wife Saras Kanda was also aware about his extra-marital affairs. However, quite surprisingly, Mrs Kanda did not break her silence, though once she defended her husband saying that her husband used to treat Geetika as his daughter.

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