US Prez poll: Obama faces stiff fight from Romney

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Barack Obama
Washington, Aug 25: Barack Obama has to brace up for a tough fight in the coming months as the Republican Party's presidential candidate Mitt Romney is attracting nearly the same number of voters across the United States.

The results of recent polls conducted by CNN/ORC International and Fox News indicate that the race for the White House will be quite close. The CNN poll that was released yesterday put Obama 2 points ahead of Romney who is backed by 47 percent of likely voters.

However, the gap between the two was greater when the less likely voters were also taken into consideration. The poll showed that 52 percent of registered voters support Obama while 43 percent might exercise their franchise in favour of Romney.

Incidentally, a higher proportion of registered Republicans - 35 percent- seemed to be keenly following the run-up to the presidential election. In comparison, only 29 percent of Democrats expressed enthusiasm about the impending face-off between the incumbent and his challenger.

Earlier the Fox News poll had showed that Obama will receive 45 percent of the total votes but Romney was just behind with 44 percent. Among the likely voters, 70 percent of white Evangelical Christians see Romney as their big hope as compared to the 18 percent who like Obama.

The president has an overwhelming advantage when it comes to black voters. Eighty-six percent of them will vote for Obama. A majority of women (48-42 percent), lower income households (53-35 percent), young voters (48-39 percent) and unmarried voters (55-34 percent) prefer him continuing in the top post.

The interesting aspect is that most white voters (53-36 percent), men (48-40 percent), aged voters (51-40 percent) and married voters (51-38 percent) are rooting for Romney. Independents (42-32 percent) too are planning to vote for him. In 2008, this section had helped Obama defeat John McCain.

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