China's hand in India's power blackout?

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Ind blackout
New Delhi, Aug 22: With India having to deal with a power crisis that has only catapulted to great heights due to the power outage that affected many parts of North and East India after the grid failure, recent reports have emerged that there might be a Chinese hand in the frequent power outage hitting the country.

Media channels have reported that China is gearing up for a cyber attack against India with the help of computer hardware and spare parts as per intelligence inputs. They fear that a particular extractor tool used in the production of electricity that was imported from China is suspicious. Two companies involved in the import of this tool are presently under the scanner. The agencies also believe that China will be an expert in such stealth attacks by 2017.

The situation is most likely to hamper India's growth prospects in the future. Scheming for an electricity crisis, the move could stall India's growth plans and put the economy on a back foot.

Following the release of such a report by intelligence agencies, questions are being raised on the recent power outage that saw blackouts in most parts of the country and the role of Chinese role in the same. The recent Northern grid failure on Jul 30 saw blackouts in states like Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The power crisis was attributed to certain states more electricity than required from the central pool triggering a crisis, but with the recent report the investigating officials are looking into the new angle that has emerged.

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