PM throws a spanner in the works on Kudankulam N-plant issue

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PM Manmohan Singh
New Delhi, Aug 3: The Kudankulam nuclear plant have had a fair share of controversies surrounding it. From protests, violent agitations and political posturing, the Kudankulam agitation has seen it all. But the latest comment by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has raised eyebrows once again.

PM sought to know from the Department of Atomic Energy on who will be responsible to pay damages in case of a mishap in the plant. The PM who also holds the additional responsibility as the Minister for Atomic Energy questioned the department's decision to exercise the right to recourse, especially units 3 and 4 in the event of any mishap in the plant.

The plant is being built along with Russian collaboration and they are of the opinion that right to recourse should not apply to any part of this project. This will make sure that the Russians will not be held responsible in case of a mishap. The PM believes that in case the Russians are given a waiver on this matter, other countries partnering with India on other projects might seek a similar exemption.

The Department of Atomic Energy has maintained that the Nuclear Power Corporation need not be concerned on this issue since there is a provision in the international agreement with Russia on right to recourse, but there exists no such provision in agreements with the US and French governments.

The PM unconvinced of this explanation has sought clarification from the Ministry of External Affairs and the Law Ministry on whether international obligations stand beyond the country's Nuclear Liability Bill.

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