Olympic Dream: Chinese kids' brutal training for Gold medal?

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China's training camp
Bangalore, Aug 3: When China leads the medals table at Olympics, everyone are happy and wonder what goes into preparation for the prestigious sporting event as they outclass and strike gold in most of the events. An inside story about the training camps at China suggests otherwise.

According to a report on Daily Mail, athletes who shine at Olympics would have undergone a horrid time at their camps, as they would be beaten into shape and trained to be tough since their childhood.

Nanning Gymnasium in Nanning, China, is one of the ruthless training camps across the nation as parents take initiatives to send their children to learn how to shine at Olympics.

Kids in India, aged 5 or 6 would enjoy their childhood playing games, learning a few lessons at its play school and kindergarten and basically have fun.

But it's not the same in China, as they are made to train tough and are trained to become Olympic stars when they are aged 5 or 6, which might help the kids to excel in Olympics years later but the physical strain that they undergo at a tender age is unacceptable.

While we have heard of the training offered for cadets, considered to be the hardest of all and the suffering that is involved in such training camps, the camps at China are no less than a torture, especially to the kids who are trained to win medals no matter what happens to their health, as their main aim is to win medals for their country.

There are reports that suggest that the trainers have no mercy on kids, as they are made to train hard. The sight of kids who are put to training at these camps is indeed a pain, as the photographs of these Chinese camps, videos on Youtube would make any individual feel bad and pity the kids.

Five-to six year old kids are made to stretch their legs, swinging on the beams, hanging from pairs of rings, bounding across floor mats during the physically strenuous training sessions.

Kids are trained in order to learn how to be tough, how to outclass other athletes who come from other parts of the world to take the top of the podium.

China, no wonder has a history of medal winners at Olympics. Though the outcome is pleasing, the amount of physical strain that the kids go through makes one feel why children are made to go through such suffering when they should enjoy their childhood.

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