EPL: Team Statistics and Facts: Manchester City

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Team Stats and Facts: Manchester City
Manchester, Aug 3: Premier League champions Manchester City won the league with a goal difference of 8. They managed to clinch 89 points scoring 93 goals, losing only five games. The Blues won the League after 44 years.

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Here are some interesting Statistics and Facts of Manchester City from the Barclays Premier League season 2011-12:

  • Manchester City lost only five matches in the previous season.
  • The Premier League champions managed 17 clean sheets in a total of 38 games.
  • Along with five losses, City also registered similar number of draws.
  • Rivals Manchester United matched City's 89 points but City had a goal difference of 8.
  • City and United had created a 19 point gap with third placed Arsenal.
  • City scored 2.45 goals/match while they conceded 0.76 goals/match for 38 matches.
  • The Blues were unbeaten for 14 games, their longest winning streak is seven games.
  • The Premier League champions scored 91 goals in total, conceding 29 in 38 games.
  • Highest number of goals were scored against Norwich City, 11. Only 1 goal was scored against Arsenal, their least.
  • 18% of the goals were scored between the 50th and 60th minute, their highest percentage.
  • 15% of the goals were conceded between 50-60 and 70-80 minutes.
  • Blackburn, Wigan and West Brom failed to score against Manchester City.
  • Sunderland and QPR have scored four goals against City in both home and away games, the highest by any team.
  • A total of 665 shots were attempted with 296 crosses.
  • All together 143 saves were made, 112 blocks and 22 clearances.
  • Out of the 29 goals conceded, two were own goals.
  • City committed a total of 386 fouls with 60 cautions.

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