Reason behind Abhinav Bindra's shocking failure revealed!

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Abhinav Bindra
Bangalore, Aug 2:Three days after Abhinav Bindrafailed to defend his gold medal in the 10m air-rifle event as he finished 16th at the end of the qualification round, an eye surgeon spoke toOneIndia and revealed the possible reason behind Bindra's failure.

According to the eye surgeon Dr Ashley Mulamoottil, Bindra underwent eye treatment to remove glasses which might have hampered his chances of winning a medal at Olympics this year as doctors cannot apply a 'standard' treatment to all patients and it has to be customised.

Dr Ashley also said that, in special cases, if the doctor doesn't customise the treatment for a particular patient, it might result in disasters.

"Not 'customizing' treatment for a particular patient will result in disasters," said the eye surgeon.

"In such treatment disasters, the treatment would have been 100% successful but the patient would lose 'quality of life' - which is immeasurable," he added.

Talking about Bindra's failure, he said, "In case of Abhinav Bindra, he trained all his life to be a shooter while he was wearing glasses. His eye, trigger-finger and brain were interlinked as a perfect team."

"The moment he did a treatment to remove glasses, the change was so significant that the eye-finger-brain harmony was disrupted and his aim failed," said Dr Ashley Mulamoottil who predicted Bindra's failure at London Olympics.

Since an individual would have learnt to cope with the disability, it becomes difficult to expect the individual to perform better after the treatment which might sound weird, but in reality, it is true as one has to get accustomed to it and it would generally take time.

In case of sports persons or talented individuals, it poses a threat to their talent post treatment as it alters the mechanism totally which might affect the individual's career.

In case of Bindra, such things could have been avoided if the treatment had been "customised" or "tailor-made" keeping his profession/hobby in mind.

He further added saying in such cases, "Doctors must ask the patient about their lifestyle, hobbies and profession before planning a treatment. All treatments must be planned keeping in mind these very relevant and significant factors in mind."

Dr Ashley Mulamoottil finally concluded saying that "Bindra's case is an eye opener for many as the moral of the story is to 'customise' any and every treatment for a particular patient instead of 'standardising' treatment for the entire population; because every human being is UNIQUE and has got unique needs."

How ever , with rigorous practice, a talent like Bindra may be able to manage the new situation and become a winner again.

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